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juds 283w ago
Maybe I should actually go by the book and start from the basics. #guitar #book #igersadelaide #instagramadelaide
  • juds 283w ago

    @jusmoothies haha I've had this book for ages but I'm a very impatient person and started guitar by just trying to figure out tabs without learning fundamentals. I just think I should go back and learn properly cos I'm so shit x] the question is am I actually gonna? I dunno haha

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juds 5w ago
Feeling a bit wrecked but 'twas great seeing familiar faces. Probably can't wear scarves anymore though 😟#adelaidewascold
juds 5w ago
Hi, my name is Ash. I like nice scratches on my head, licking people, shaking hands and moulting in a ridiculous fashion. #husky #moulting #furrevermoulting
juds 11w ago
When your patients are just too adorable!! 👌🏻They came back just to give this to our team! So sweet! 😊#justanormaldayatwork
juds 12w ago
Best discovery - Moccona coffee lids can be repurposed into tealight candle holders! #repurposed #candles
juds 14w ago
Sky is looking pretty awesome right now! #moon #clouds #nightsky
juds 16w ago
Oh hey there, fancy looking thing 😏
juds 17w ago
Back in Brisbane and avocado tree is dying, but surprised to be saying my herbs are still alive! Well, one is growing slowly and the other is great! Can't remember which was what but only time will tell 😊 #growgrowgrowmyherbsgentlyinthejarmerrilymerrilymerrilymerrilylifeisjustbazaar
juds 17w ago
Exploring the streets of downtown San Francisco - something that I didn't actually do last time! #sanfrancisco #downtown #yellowtaxi
juds 17w ago
Nothing screams murder more than these red heat lamps in the bathroom. #murderousintent #kindacreepy
juds 17w ago
Woke up late, waited in line for hours at the cable cars, caught the wrong bus and ended up double the distance from where I wanted to go, fare machine ate all my coins, caught the wrong BART to airport and just waited in line for 35 mins for some shitty airport food. To top it off, San Francisco has left me a parting gift - this horrid t-shirt tan. #hangry #tired #hungry #overit
juds 18w ago
Last time I was here, my bike got a flat tire, I fell off my bike and we had to ride all the way back to Fisherman's Wharf to return the bike in time. This time I'm just competing in a pool of people to take a selfie so all things considered, I think I'm good ☺️ #goldengatebridge #selfie #sanfrancisco
juds 18w ago
Finally feeling like I'm on a holiday, although I'm still sleep deprived, my plane was delayed and I got to the game late, but I'm here now and everything is awesome! 😎#sfgiants #sanfrancisco #baseball
juds 18w ago
My salvation as soon as I got off of Embarcadero station- #sushirrito