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Safe to say I haven't hailed in a longgggg time. Had spaghetti noodles for legs coming down. It was good to get back out and enjoy a look at Howe sound #whileyousitonyourassikillit #explore #hike #squamish
I've tried seeing the weeknd a few years ago and missed out so living next to the arena in Vancouver, I had to go! First concert sober. I had to live vicariously through all the others who were drinking. #whileyousitonyourassikillit #vancouver #theweeknd #adventure #seizetheday
Wanna hear a joke alpaca? If you don't cheer up, alpaca my bags and leave 😂 #whileyousitonyourassikillit #adventure #pei
Well I'd like to thank everyone who I've met along the way to sobriety and I invite more positive influences on my new journey across the country to Vancouver. These 5 months ( still counting) have been a roller coaster but I'm gonna do what I do best, roll with the punches yet still keeping high-spirits. I am grateful. I am a fighter. #whileyousitonyourassikillit #adventure #newchapter #sobriety #fighter
Well, the saying good byes are starting to become real... had the opportunity to Use some free time to help out at the soup kitchen. There, I met drew and Karen. Probably two of the nicest people I have ever met. I'm grateful I met them and could share numerous laughs and jokes. as well, help many people in need of a nice meal. I suggest anyone that has 3 extra hours out of their day to volunteer! #volunteer #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #whileyousitonyourassikillit #
With this brisk weekend on PEI, it reminds me of how amazing fall time is. I love the change of colours and the Erie morning fog. Also, it reminds me that the snow is around the Corning and I can strap in my two planks, ski down the mountain, where I find the most peace in life. #whileyousitonyourassikillit #explore #fall #winteriscoming
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" Had a great time time at @islandhillfarm struggle cuddling these cute creatures! #whileyousitonyourassikillit #animals #cutenessoverload
Missing the perspective where humans look like ants. Can't wait to get back to the iron #whileyousitonyourassikillit #ironworker #perspective
Great way to end the weekend, by seeing my good ol friend bujar and huckin flips off the bridge at basin head. #whileyousitonyourassikillit #explore #pei #basinhead #brotherhood