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Earth Angel Earth Angel.. 🎼
Sneak Peak from yesterday’s little shoot with the Homies!
Bronx do it for the chilllllren
Lil B x Baby A.
🚨🚨American Bully Female Available🚨🚨 I present to y’all this beautiful female that is looking for a new home .
7 Months old, Crate trained , full of energy . She is litter mate to my boy Bronx . And is a great foundation female for your yard !
Message me for any questions on pricing .
Haven’t updated shots on Bronx till today.
He’s been waiting on his time to be called but my boy is getting his grown man on!!
I need a hype weekend like this .
FUEGOOOOO @djdannywest bring back Barcelona !!!!!
Big Boy Trunks Keeping Guard .
You know, Good vibes attract Good vibes .
Labor Day shenanigans. #GoodVibesTribe
This dudes art never ceases to amaze me . This is touching, This is Texas . 🤘🏻
#TexasForever #HoustonThisForYou
Cause if I was stuck arguing with anyone I rather it be you. 😘🖤
Happy Birthday to my dude Jonathan. TBH one of the last dudes on the face of this earth who I woulda thought would make such a impact on my life . Jon was there when a lot of people forgot about me, checked on my mom hung with my sister . Etc.
We've been through hell and back, have done some not so friendly shit when we're drunk, but we click back up and keep it moving .
Have a Happy Birthday my Dude. And may blessings overfill your glass . #Al100 #CompaJon #CornaBoyz
When Bronx finally came home, I miss him being this small and I'm sure Jada and Trunks do too!
Since y'all flooding time lines with how proud you are of your babies, here's my spill.
Big Boy Trunks knocked a breeding out the way, was chill for a 2 hour trip and got a puppychino.
So ready to see his litter hit the ground !