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#Sadielu first painting on a canvas. Wall art for the house. I'm so proud of her.

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Playing around with some combos. Hurricanes spotted in Claremont.
I remember saying at 13 that I would skate forever. Yesterday I turned 40, spent the day skating a curb on the beach with @dogcatcherone Thanks for a wonderful birthday @xelamoonalex I love you. 💕😘 #missingmygirls
I'm the luckiest man alive, and here's three reasons why. My chica, y el gatos.
This is uncalled for, it seems like the police 👮 don't mind blatantly doing harm to an underage skateboarder. Then again they can kill black men on video and get away with it, so why would I think a skater would be safe.
San Francisco has a lot of good skating and a lot of homeless people. They are crazy as shit too!
My beautiful girlfriend @xelamoonalex making my Fourth of July a little sweeter with that smile. I love you baby, I hope you're day goes smoothly considering you only had a few hours of sleep between the fireworks and the millions of people at the Pier, and the drive home. Such a good trip, anywhere with you is always a wonderful time.
Bomb snacks, bomb hills, bomb tokes, and bomb smokes with my bomb ass girlfriend in a bomb ass city. 💣👩🏻‍🌾💣🍁💣🍫💣🚬💣🌁
Everywhere I look is a famous skate spot. I love this city🌁🌉
My beautiful girlfriend mid stroll through San Francisco.
Got 'er all set up at the park today. Now I get to have fun goofing off with my momma there. 😘🙏🏼😇
Working on a little collage for my skateboard. Pretty stoked @mobgrip makes a clear sheet. It's the Cindy and Jake are #fuckingawesome collab. I know you've been looking down at me, and now I get to see you when I look down too. 😘
Learned a new one, the tailblock slide was super fun. 📽 @dogcatcherone #bethankful
Been thinking a lot about grip art lately. I've also been thinking about how fun it was skating in the 90's. Stoked on how this came out, felt like the 14 year old me drawing on my grip with a paint pen. #bethankful
I'm sorry but all the misspelled St. Paddy's day posts were driving me bananas. Anyways stay safe everyone!
First time front popping over something. 📽 @elwinston2569 cheered on by @skipwrecked & #jessieway
Trying to learn how to edit footage from a #goprohero4 📽 @dogcatcherone from today at Claremont
Relearned an oldie but goodie earlier today at chino skate park. 📽 @nate_recine
@dashawnjordan congratulations on winning Tampa Am! Can't wait to see you kill it in @sls AZ show some love. @cowtownskate @sovrnskateboards