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  Posted: May 11, 2012 3:08 AM FEED
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Out with the brown, in with the white. Our living room is getting a springy face lift.

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Snuck away from work to see what @yuriymanchik was up to in his studio (his space is down the hall from @moment where I work). Also to see how neglected my poor fiddle leaf fig has been. 😒 ⠀
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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 5:59 PM
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Forgot to mention that I published a second blog post with more photos from Venice, one of the most photogenic cities I've been to. Funny how many photos we took of the gondolas and we didn't even ride one. But photos are free and gondola rides in Venice are not. 😂💸⠀

Link in my profile.
Shared some tips for taking better portraits with your phone on @moment's YouTube channel. I could only watch it once all the way through because hearing yourself on camera is so cringe-inducing, but hopefully it's not so bad for you! 😄 ⠀

Link temporarily in profile.⠀

📷: @melissaleith , 🎥: @cameracaleb
Spent my day in the office, filming in the city, and grabbing a coffee with a friend. Do I even have a baby?! Such a strange feeling to be on my own. Thankful for frozen breastmilk and a husband who is awesome with Lev.
Weekday stroll with my loves and good friends. Really really enjoying working just 2 days a week right now and taking it slow in between. I would be happy if nothing changed for a while. #2months
Posted: Sep 25, 2017 9:20 PM
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7 years ago today, this guy became my husband and my forever adventure partner. Life is so good with @yuriymanchik.

There's a new post on our travel blog from our time in Venice. Link in bio. (7 years of marriage and 7 years of! 😯)
I remember thinking I don't want to be one of those people that posts too many photos of their kids. And then I had a baby. And I'm obsessed with him. 🙈 I finally made another account where I can unload all my baby photos for friends and family, and spare everybody else... 👉🏻 @levmanchik. If you're not friends or family, I'll still have a healthy dose of Lev here because my Instagram has always been a reflection of my daily life. And well, he's here to stay. 🙃 #sorrynotsorry #thingschange #babymama #life
I've never known a city so loved and so hated by people. That's Venice. It's either the most beautiful city to get lost in or the worst tourist trap that's better avoided altogether. Prepping a blog post for tomorrow with photos and thoughts from our trip.
A peek at the illustrations I did for a new home decor book by @mooreaseal. You can find it in bookstores next week! 🙃 (psst... if you pre-order in the next few days on, it'll come signed by Moorea) #MakeYourselfAtHomebook #mooreaseal
That time Lev and I were in the Sahara Desert together but hadn't met each other yet. This feels like such a distant memory now.
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Posted: Sep 20, 2017 9:50 PM
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It's officially soup-eating weather. #lookonthebrightside
These slow days at home with my baby and not working have felt so much like a dream and so unlike my usual day-to-day. I love being a mom so much that sometimes I wonder how I lasted so long without this.

I've been living in this buttery soft nursing tank and shorts set by @ingridandisabel.

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Trying to decide what's better... napping on a blanket in the park or watching my boys nap on a blanket in the park.
Once upon a time I used to have a travel blog. Actually, still do, and I just blogged our time in Munich (link in profile). Italy was my favorite though, and Venice is next.
Baby's first hike! I have so much fun doing new things with our boy. Everything feels so special with him. Just had a realization that all the firsts are going to last well past the first few months or even first few years... more like for the rest of his life. 😦 First day of school, first job, first girlfriend... !!!⠀

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From my birthday outing at @shopuvillage a few days ago. The most unusual birthday that felt very little like a birthday, but such a cool experience with a baby of my own. I couldn't help thinking that my birthday should be less about me and more about my mom, who did all the hard work to bring me into the world 29 years ago. Last year of my twenties... better do something crazy with my boys.
Posted: Sep 3, 2017 2:06 AM
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How is it September already??? I just realized how little summer and maternity leave I have left, and going to make an effort to have more days and meals outside this month.

From a girls night at my place this week.
The constant visitors at our home has been one of the best perks of having a baby that I wasn't expecting. Having so much fun sharing our new baby, our new-ish home (most people are visiting for the first time), and walks on the beach in our neighborhood. #westseattlelove