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  Posted: May 11, 2012 3:02 AM FEED
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Singing “Who is a rock but our God? Who’s blood has sealed our freedom? Jesus, our Savior, Defender, Redeemer!“ at Troubadour last night was such a unique experience. @kingskaleidoscope + @prophiphop thank you.
She got me out of the beach bum life for a weekend with some good friends 🏕
Love the mission of this conference:
"Let God Himself be the main attraction of the church again, and let us be tireless in our insistence that church is for God, about God, through God, and to the glory of His great son."
Attended my first "...con" event today. The calm discussion on health care, taxes & economics between @officialbenshapiro + @theyoungturks's Cenk was the highlight. The 3 hour wait in the sun was worth it... that's saying a lot for this sunburnt white boy. Was also fun running into @elishakrauss! 😊
This family is swell. .
(Not pictured: Christian, Ayla, Tommy, Adam, Shawn, Alli, Alicia, Andrea, Brent).
This one's called "Quiet Italian Gentleman."
Bulleit rye, cocchi vermouth di torino, campari, disaronno amaretto
Good News: The Lord has blessed us with allowing us to live in this great nation. .
Greater News: Long after the US Constitution is in ashes the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ will reign. .
Happy 4 🇺🇸😉
Is 2PM too early for Happy Hour? Mom & I didn't think so... 🤷🏼‍♂️🥂
Ojai mornings. .
Thanks @beaconcoffee for the ☕️. Yes, your hand pie post this morning drew me in ... marketing works. 😉🤷🏼‍♂️
Today I sold the sailboat I bought when I was 14. She'll now be sailed in the Santa Barbara channel by a 9 year old. Hope you have as much fun sailing as I have over the years, new owner! #coronado15
"Hey come down the street I am at IHOP"

This is what I sat down & saw. 😏 #surprisepancake
Now you can watch VHS tapes while eating pizza