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Sometimes you just have to dress up early as the Queen of Hearts and go to a Halloween Party ✨ #mickeyshalloweenparty
The ever wonderful @armorsmusic continue to never let me down! Just keep playing small local venues forever even when you start playing big shows please and thank you!! 😊 #hobanaheim
To the best friend, traveling buddy and future roommate anyone could ask for, happy freaking birthday lady! I love you so much and I can't believe we're getting old enough to be nearing a decade of friendship✨💜 I'm so happy to be going through this crazy life with ya🎉🎉🎉 #letthefestivitiesbegin #twentytwooooo
One of my favorite bands (@armorsmusic) performing a cover of one of my fav artists (@jonbellion) and just being their great selves! Can't wait to see these guys again real soon! ✨✨ #livemusicforthewin
So.... this is Ruth! Catch us making trips to the grocery store and Disneyland... 🚘 •

(okay let me get sappy- I'm super freaking proud of myself for being able to buy my own car and start on this lil journey of being a free adult! It's all very surreal and if you need a ride anywhere, within reason, my driving playlist and I got you) #firstcar
Happy Fourth of July y'all! We still have s'mores to make and fireworks to ooh and ahh at, be safe everyone! 🎉🇺🇸🎆
I wanted to take a moment to talk about student leadership. It's not something that I ever figured would be a big part of my life, but then RSA happened.
The Resident Student Association seemed to grab hold of me and keep me safe as a building rep, Treasurer and Marketing Coordinator for a bit. Throughout RSA, I balanced another role, Titan Student Centers Governing Board ( now TSC Board of Trustees) as a housing representative, Student-at-Large and finally Vice Chair for Marketing & Outreach. From budgets and check requests to posters and social media to vinyl and tons of promo items. (You name it, I've probably tried to put a logo on it, there are currently a lot of basketballs in the TSU if you don't take my word for it...) It's been a wild ride these last two and a half years! I'm proud of the work that I have been able to accomplish in each of these roles and even more proud that I will be continuing as a Student Trustee on the board for my senior year at CSUF!
Believe me when I say that was a really weird sentence to write and I'll stop rambling but from the bottom of my lil student leader heart I am so happy✨
Good luck to the new VC for M&O, Tori Hust! You're going to continue to the be the star that I know you are! #asicsuf #csufrsa
I have too many wonderful memories from this year all because of these people! To the best roommates and friends I could have ever asked for, I love y'all. Thanks for putting up with my stress and rants and all the tomato mac✨ #threeyearsdown #soclose
Really grateful for a lot of things today! | Student Staff of the Year in Admin and Conference Services and being able to work with the best friends and coworkers in the world! A really good day! ✨😊 #citrusawards
Happiest of 21st birthdays to this most wonderful bean! I love you very much and you already read my card to you so I can skip the sappy stuff. You're just the best and this whole birth-weekend is gonna be so fun! ✨😊 #twentyfun
Here are some moderately embarrassing, yet devastatingly cute baby pics for #nationalsiblingsday followed by a recent pic for continuity and stuff. I love my silly, wonderful sisters😊 #stillneedoursiblingtattoo
"An exceptional collection of America's oldest structures." This little alley reminded me so much of London and just how wonderfully historic our country is and how it's interwoven with the broader history of our world. It's also pretty adorable! 🇺🇸 #elfrethsalley
Got lost on the way to Angel's Stadium and somehow ended up here....
Some events feel so full circle to me now- Murder Mystery is one of those, I'm so proud of these beans ✨ #rsamadmurder #csufrsa #justcutetrinitythings
Happy birthday to my favorite bean today! I can't believe she's 8! I am so proud of the little lady she's becoming😊🎉 #leilabug #proudauntthings #ftgrandma