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  Posted: May 11, 2012 12:37 AM FEED
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Me & this thug goin to the Dream Center to chop it up with a mission te from Bayside Community Church down here loving our city! #servolution

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It's an honor to represent our church and be meeting with local pastors, city and state leaders about how we can best bring relief and help rebuild after the NorCal wildfires.
If you would like to give toward relief and rebuilding efforts, visit and select the "Wildfire Relief" fund. We're working with churches and organizations on the ground to make sure 100% of your generosity goes directly toward reaching the people that need it most. #arcchurches #sozochurchsf #Relief #Recover #Rebuild #Church
Grateful for the men in these 2 pics. Wake up every Sunday at 3:15am to run gear from storage to our church, pour their heart out all day serving people and then are the last ones after all load in is done around 4pm. I'm a rich man to have brothers like this. Also, today watching our Dream Team serve and love our city was something special. What a day!
The Dream Team is rolling in strong this morning as we prepare for what God is going to do today in His House & our hearts. I'm believing for something significant to happen in every persons life today as we seek Him with all of our heart, soul, mind & strength. IT'S GONNA BE A GOOD ONE! Let's go. @sozochurchsf #WeekFive
So thankful for this man right here! Got to spend the entire day yesterday learning, growing and being pastored by he and Mrs Tammy. I can truly say that I wouldn't be who I am today without his investment into me, our family and our church. Also, CANT WAIT to read his latest book that releases Tuesday Oct 17th. What a relevant message for the Church during the days we are living in. Pick up a copy of #thedanieldilemma and discover some amazing principles on how to #StandFirmLoveWell ||| Love you PC!
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 11:38 PM
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praying for my brothers & sisters in our region that's being impacted by these unbelievable fires | #NorCalFires
Posted: Oct 5, 2017 4:58 PM
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Flying H O M E never gets old • @gatewaypeople thank you for hosting such a great conference this week. Those couple of days were a perfect little refresher after the last 3 weeks of pioneering @sozochurchsf with our amazing team in our city. Now I'm READY for the weekend. • Thank you to the Gateway Staff/Team for your hard work & for making conference so excellent. Also, thank you @psrobertmorris for your investment into Pastors & Leaders.
Good to be H O M E & good to have my bro @joshuaturner here for the weekend!
We don't normally wear sweaters but when in Canada.... #TIC
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 8:52 PM
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Excited for the upcoming weekend @sozochurchsf as we continue our collection of talks "You were made for _______." I'll be talking about discovering your purpose, plus we start Step One of our Growth Track that will help people discover their purpose and opportunities to make a difference! GT is hosted immediately after our Sunday service onsite in the library from 12-1p • free lunch and childcare is provided. See ya Sunday!
Quick Shout Out (swipe ⬅️) to @radiantprinting for helping @sozochurchsf with all of our print & signage needs. We had a vision & they had the system to deliver it and we would HIGHLY recommend any church planter or multi site church to use them. Their solutions are quick and easy for portable set ups and their delivery times are so incredible. Thank you to my Radiant Friends for your amazing customer service. Now let's keep building the kingdom together! #Kingdom #ChurchPlanters #MultiSite #Print #Signage #PromoCodeSOZO <kidding
Highlight of my day! It was an honor to pray for one of our amazing officers alongside my mama! I've been praying for the SFPD for 5 years but today was my first time praying for one of our officers in person. I'm grateful for our cities amazing men and women in the blue who serve faithfully. What an honor! Sunday #2 down in the books. Wow. What a day!
If ya ready to get ya praise on somebody throw ya hand up! SPECIAL K AKA @keighlafox is ready! |||| See ya in church folks•1030a •1220 Noe St •SOZO LEZZZGO
I have had many people in our community ask where our church name came from so I thought I would share about our name. | "Our name is inspired by a Greek New Testament word I heard a Pastor teach on a few years ago. After he broke down the meaning of the word I couldn't help but think, "Because of Jesus, that's exactly what has happened to me and that's exactly what I want every person in San Francisco to have the opportunity to experience." We wanted the name to be different, to have meaning, to be minimalist in design and to be memorable. I love how one small word has so much rich meaning packed inside of it. My prayer, "May every person in San Francisco have the opportunity to experience the love of Christ and may their lives be forever changed. May every person our church (@sozochurchsf ) has the honor to serve be able to say they have been saved, healed, set free and made whole." • So that's where the name comes from! Our name is not a brand connected to any affiliation, network or philosophy of ministry. Our name is simply a reminder to us as a church, of what we hope to see in our lives and in the lives of those that long for Jesus to transform their lives.
Weekend #2 in just a couple days! Can't wait to see everyone as we continue our collection of talks #YouWereMadeFor______. •Sunday•10:30am•1220 Noe Street•Free Parking