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Great EP from one of my favorite bands in NYC. @prostitution666 New album came out yesterday, find it on Bandcamp.
The Bahia Palace was as beautiful as it was inviting. Open, spacious, and gorgeous decorative details not only in the structure but the placement of the plants and sun openings.
Morocco was a hustle, day and night hustle. Walking around was tough due to motorbikes and cars shipping through three narrows streets in Marrakech.
This kid was the only posed photo I took in Hong Kong. Couldn't be helped, he loved it.
Marrakech was a bustling city full of hustlers, showmen, craftsmen, and ballers. A lot to take in all at once.
I shot this in a back ally in Casablanca. It is incredibly easy to lose yourself in the Medina's of Morocco.
I published a website dedicated to my photography and travels. This is a continued work in progress but please, go take a look. Link in bio.
Let's see, card board box inside a bigger cardboard box? Check. Paper filler? Check. Double layered cardboard roll thing? Check. All for my small bottle of B12. #megafood #packagingfail #environment #megafoodie seriously, reduce the waste people...
You would think we were in a forest but that could prove difficult for a stroller. This is in fact at the Highland Park in Brooklyn. There is an old reservoir that used to supply water from 1858 to 1917 sand this forestation is the result of years of natural growth.
This is tonight at @barmatchless Been awhile so it should be fun. :)