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  Posted: May 10, 2012 7:18 PM FEED
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End of the Oasis Challenge. CONFIRMED: @humuhumu an I can probably eat this every day

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We bring these two #tonka trucks on every adventure with the kids. Whenever we are at camp, or stopped along a trail for lunch, or airing up or down we pull these out and have the boys run around and load them with whatever trash they can find. This is their haul from just one night at camp this weekend. They were super excited when they found that big half-melted crate down in a gully!#trailguardian #treadlightly #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit
Ferris in his happy place - out in the wilderness, camping and covered head to toe in dirt. Whenever he sees a camera pointed at him he goes into non-stop goofy face mode ❤️
Here’s a little throwback from our last run through the Arizona Borderlands for #tuckedtuesday. This has quickly become one of my favorite areas to explore, there is so much beauty and history to see down along that fence and I look forward to the next trip down to the area.
It was a perfect day to spend a few hours on top of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory building fixing our #K7UAZ satellite station antennas. Hopefully soon we’ll have this sat station back and operating after many years of dormancy. Things have been collecting dust since a launch explosion destroyed the #cubesat it was all originally set up for and then more recently a wind storm tore one of the antennas from its mount.
I had a great time hanging out with the @overlandbound family this weekend at Off the Grid. Jolene had no problem climbing her way up Bald Mountain with the rest of #TeamYellow. The adventures, views, and camaraderie were all fantastic.
Headed to @overlandbound Off the Grid, two days of driving to get there. We stoped at this great camp spot in the Mohave Desert yesterday evening. Headed over to Shaver Lake this morning! #otg2017 #offthegrid
I’m gonna miss these four (Finley hidden under the feeding blanket)! Today I pack up to head out early tomorrow on an epic 12-day adventure that starts with a night of camping in Mojave, then three days at Shaver Lake for the @overlandbound Off The Grid Rally, then up to San Francisco where I’ll get to hang out with my sister, @annawankel, surf and work out of my actual office for a week and see all my awesome coworkers before heading up to Hog Island for a day of oyster bliss and a night or two of camping around Pt. Reyes. Then I pick up my dad who is joining me for the long drive back home to Tucson.
Posted: Sep 24, 2017 2:04 AM
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Success! I can now send and receive messages on the Jeep’s CAN bus network. The Jeep’s new brain is now also connected to my home WiFi so I can continue my exploratory hacking from the comfort of my office.
Posted: Sep 23, 2017 11:43 PM
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I also relocated the Jeep’s main stereo aux USB input. The factory location is inside the center console storage bin, which sucks. I really wanted it on the dash where I mount my phone because I hate having a cable running across the Jeep or up the front of the dash. Problem solved.
I spent the better part of today wiring up a pass-through t-connect harness for the #Jeep to splice off CAN bus connections and 12v power to connect over to a raspberry pi 3 with a PiCAN2 shield. The rpi3 will live in the glove box for now at least until I’m done prototyping a bit more. I am able to power the computer direct from the 12v ignition aux so I didn’t need to route any USB over there. I’m hoping by the end of today I’ll have the software side of this project sending and receiving messages across the vehicle’s CAN bus.
Yesterday I spent the evening wiring in a new USB charging port for the rear seats of the Jeep. @verybloggybeth spends quite a bit of time sitting back there on trips now so she can tend to the baby. Now she’ll have a handy always-on charging port right within reach.
Brian, aka, had the great idea to scramble up the side of a steep rock face to get some killer shots. Getting up was far easier than getting down.
My bed for the last few days. I'm a bit bummed that I won't be waking up like this tomorrow morning, but I'm also happy to be back home.
I fell in love with the reflection of the sky on the rippling green waters of the Colorado River yesterday. Our two day drive back home was filled with some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.
We spent the day exploring some of the Arizona Strip on the first day of our two-leg drive back home. Our state is so beautiful and there is an almost overwhelming amount of interesting things to do and see. ❤️
Roadside glamour shot stop on our unplanned trip to Page, AZ to grab a replacement cv shaft for @zjgrizz's jeep. We had another mechanical last night on our drive up to the Grand Canyon. Thankfully he was still able to drive it to camp last night and then up to an auto parts store today. Next stop Zion!... well, after the auto parts store and a quick parking lot fix.
@zjgrizz letting off some steam during our drive north. Breakdowns are part of the adventure, too. Once Grizzly cools and gets some quick surgery we should be back on the road! Nothing major his time
I added some flare around my @overlandbound patch today. Gotta represent home when I'm out exploring.