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Packing up mail order and sending these guys off to their new homes!

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Birthday Banana Basil Bread! (...and another aliteration, also..)
My favorite houseplant has gotten so big!
Improvised a Spinach Artichoke Mac & Cheese for lunch. It turned out pretty good!
Makin' all the pocket journals... roughly 180 shown here... #PAPERCUTShandmade
Thirteen out of sixteen of my screen-printed pocket journal designs. Which one is your fave? #PAPERCUTShandmade
My evening plans are distressing.... ...these journal covers.
Here are all of the #artjournals I've bound today. (so far...? we'll see if I can squeeze a few more out tonight...) #PAPERCUTShandmade
Made six new #artjournals for the first time in a while. (Like, maybe a year.) Slowly but surely. #PAPERCUTShandmade
The Thunder Lizard wanted to make a phone today, so we made this out of paper, plastic, spray paint and cardboard. He's been acting like it's real all day... guess we should have made a cardboard charger, too...
Booji and coreymarie are concerned about your well-being, the future and unexpected crinkly noises.
Booji and I are about to make some fresh salsa and guacamole for the party tomorrow night. #catsofinstagram
Blue Mutant with an Ephemera Addiction.
Let's say you suddenly had access to 20+ lbs of super hi-bounce balls. How would YOU use them to spread joy? (No pranks or polluting ideas, plz. Not gonna drop em down a hill or anything, even though that would be fun/pretty.)
Om nom nom Farmer's Market #beets (Thanks, Allen Street!)