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Landed in Bali yesterday and already in love with this place. If you want to follow more of my travels, be sure to follow @livingwithkelly ❤️
The most surreal experience. The openness and warmth of the Cambodian people continues to amaze me. A police officer who has been guarding the temple for 15 years saw that we were trying (and failing) to take some pictures together. He proceeded to show us around the grounds and be our personal photographer for about an hour out of the goodness of his heart.
👋 from Cambodia. I'm doing great and filled with gratitude. If you'd like to follow more of my travels, I'd be so honored. I'll be posting more regularly over on @livingwithkelly 🌸 blogging too when I can (wifi can be a little tricky here, so thanks for your patience in advance!) #livingwithkelly
Don't be fooled-- Crikey is staring intently at the treats in my hand and not at me #bestbuds #foodislife #blõndeshavemorefun
Thoughts on a plane 💭 no matter what's going on, beauty, peace, tranquillity and equanimity are all around
#fbf because Crikey is getting so big 😭 I love him so much. Crikey loves #thewyatt
Ripping into my 23rd year of life like... 💥🎁 #bepresent
Birthday week vibes. Am I turning 23 or 8?! Who knows 🍭 This LEGO train may have been my proudest accomplishment this year 🤔
Crickey did very well in puppy class today and then tried to drink my almond milk latte and peed on the bathroom floor
⚠️This just in: it's snowing in Portland ⚠️ alert the media... wait everyone already has. Drama ensues as I fight for the last loaf of GF bread... I'm ok tho-- all this fur blocks out the haters.
Autumn/Winter ready to wear collection 2016 || couture à la Crickey
Snuck a 📸 in the Sistine Chapel... purgatory here I come!