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When there is no #light at the location, a desperate alternative is to light with a cellphone flashlight. Extreme measures to get the shot.
Posted: Oct 17, 2017 11:29 PM
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Pink fluffy unicorns #🦄 dancing on rainbows #🌈 . Green screen test... ✅ with @lordmcfly
About a month ago I started a project with my son Andres Lucas. He wanted me to film some of his #LEGO creations and it evolved into his own YouTube channel. Now we have a weekly time to bond together and create some unique content, that we can share with other #kids and families.
We have received a lot of support from our friends and the channel has over 100 subscribers!
This week there is a new episode about #building with LEGO’s bricks.
Make sure you visit his channel and show your support!
Some of my favorite #drone shots are not always from above. There is something very interesting to capture when flying at eye level. It’s almost like a #gimbal stabilizer alternative. I will definitely continue trying new ways of using #aerialvideo in my projects. #👰🏻🤵
Prototype for project 2 is done and the #kids approved it 😉. Now it’s time for a second test for neutral buoyancy and water pressure at different ocean depths. #360video camera ready to go #underwater once the visibility gets better with all the crazy weather in South Florida. There is always a love / hate sentiment to the climate in #Miami.
#Tinyplanet at “The end of the world vibe”. One of those nights with #friends and a #360video camera in the mix.
The fine people of #Miami.
I’m so grateful with the support of @moonlightermiami with my projects, including the finishing touches on the underwater #360video enclosure and my custom made #RED camera case. Their quality is as amazing as their personalities and dedication to the community of #makers in #Miami. I celebrate becoming a member and hope to make many more dreams a reality at this wonderful workshop that feels more like a second home.
Thanks to @miamifilm and @jaieinmiami for bringing to South Florida films like @thefloridaproject.
Congratulations to director @_seanbaker_ for this raw story and for introducing us to the amazing talent of @melamurder @thebrooklynnkimberly @chronicflowers @gio1one and the rest of the cast.
Tonight was the #Miami premiere of the move. A captivating drama, that’s far from a fairytale, at the doors of “the happiest place on earth”. Blurring the line between amateur and professional actors, Baker succeeds once again at telling a compelling story with a very particular visual style. One that doesn’t scream glossy and polished, but reminds us of the flaw and complex human condition.
I must say that @A24 is ridding an incredible wave of hits and elevating the craft of filmmaking to new heights.
The Florida Project is definitely a movie to watch, reflect and be inspired to take action in our own communities.
More... horrible images for October. Still frames from #chainsthatbindus web series, pilot episode. #Actress @alenaisengildina, getting abused and beat up 🤕 for the love of art.
October is here and the gloomy images start surfing my feed. Still frames from #thesirenoftheapparition short film directed by @hoogyfilms. #Actress Darcy Dixon, getting ready for a bloody scene. #portraitmode.
Yvette and her sister are girls of many gifts. I love to se how #female #filmmakers are often multitalented individuals. The #fiestausa party in #homesteadflorida was an opportunity to see the abundance of the arts in the community.
@mutemath #live last night was the highlight of my week. Even without @dkthedrummer or @mitchellcardenas, the experience is like no other! The band did not disappoint regardless of the latest developments and Mr. @_davidhutchison AKA "Hutch" did a fine job in the drums.
#mutemath #playdeadlive
At @filmgate_interactive exploring new ways of #storytelling with #360video. Our project, captured in glorious #8K resolution and 6K #stereoscopic in #Miami with @insta360official setup for #VR. #insta360 is a great tool for #filmmakers and with the #insta360pro camera things are rally looking good. Next is the compositing and postproduction workflow for #360 videos
This place was my home in #PuertoRico #🇵🇷 for five years. I'm so devastated seeing the images of #hurricanemaria in Juncos. I helped build some of the structures that now look like pieces of cardboard scattered around the field. I can see that the foundations of the classrooms and main house are still standing. That reminds me that even after such devastation the fundamental parts still remain. Just as all the things I learned at YWAM. Foundations of life that no #storm could ever take away. The #hurricane is surely changing the island, but more than ever I can say #PuertoRicostrong #boricuapaquetulosepas.
No TV during #hurricaneIrma in #Miami. No problem, #creativity and #ingenuity at it's best! Evacuating Homestead and riding the #hurricane with friends and family was a hard but wise decision. We are very thankful that our family and property are safe. But we continue to pray for the many others that have had a great loss in the last couple of weeks. Events such as the hurricanes, earthquakes and wild fires, make you realize what's important in life. #foundinmiami
EXTRA! EXTRA! Kerry Black is making headlines on the #news! Congratulations to the new South Dade Chamber of Commerce's CEO. 👩‍💼. I'm excited for my friend and all the great things she will accomplish from this position. Kerry is woman of integrity that promotes a culture of honor everywhere she goes. We need more people like her in #Homestead and all of #Miami.
Stories of #hurricaneIrma in #Miami. At least 400,000 people were at risk of evacuation in Miami Dade County. For some, the only option was to go to a shelter and wait for the #hurricane to be over. This is the story of Nady Lozano. Watch the full video at: #360 video shorts #foundinmiami
This week I worked for a few media outlets producing stories of #hurricaneIrma and the aftermath in #Miami. Although the storm didn't impact South Florida as originally expected, many homes in #Homestead and the Keys are still without power and suffering significant structural damage. Some roads are blocked with lots of debris, fallen trees and power lines. #hurricane Irma in #360 i#tinyplanet video shorts #foundinmiami