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pilihp 283w ago
I'm a bed head shark.

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pilihp 1w ago
Oreo is the happiest when she's at the beach. The excitement and pure joy on her face when she runs into the water and splashes around is damn cute.
pilihp 2w ago
Saw this humongous spider on our walk this morning. It was eating its breakfast.
pilihp 2w ago
I found @dhendy's doppelganger at the dog park today. He was wearing short shorts that revealed his inappropriate moose knuckles and loafers.
pilihp 4w ago
Meet Jackie White. @jublin finally pulled the trigger today and got a puppy. She's an 8 weeks old Lab Shepard mix. Very sweet. Justin's a single dog dad now. Welcome to the club!
pilihp 6w ago
Dreamt I was trapped in a box and was running out of air... And then I woke up like this.