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whit_it 283w ago
Everyone deserves to be this happy. Thanks President Obama for supporting & saying so! #History
  • m_k_h 283w ago

    Yay this makes me happy :)

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Photo 1, caption 1: Ends are the new edges
Photo 2, caption 2: #issaknife 🗡
whit_it 13w ago
Salud🍻 To being tan, going for runs on the regular & promising to do it all again this summer. But most of all--TO SISTERHOOD!!
whit_it 17w ago
Papi ven pa'ca 👐🏽 Papi echa pa'ca🤗Tus preocupaciones, yo lo borraré.
Un hombre tan guapo que me hizo sentir que aún había tiempo, que solo era el comienzo. Papi, tus preocupaciones, lo borraré. ~ @javierology #comeonthrough #tothefrontofthecongregation
whit_it 29w ago
Move a muscle, change a thought. 💪🏼😌
whit_it 30w ago
Me: G'ma, how can I know that I'm Irish?
Grandma O'Connelly: Because to know you is to love you & everyone else is green with envy☘️🍀🇮🇪🍀☘️
whit_it 31w ago
And if you give her a text saying "k," she will give you a response, novel in length, entitled "I just think it's funny how..." 😭
In all for realness thoooo, today is for us women💪🏼💄Women for which we could not live without, so that's all of us. Especially, this dime/baby angel of a Ma rightchea--minez. A woman, the ONLY woman I know, who will quite literally show you what this world looks like; all it has to offer and how to achieve it without needing the help of a man. I'm talking to the mamis who did it without ANY (that's $0.00) monetary or mental (that's 0 hugs) support from a man. Not one check cut to the cause that is raising two children (I equal the amount of work for 8 kids so she really didn't catch any breaks here. Ssssorryyy). Point is, I'm so lucky to have been taught by her that the only value someone can add to your life is the love they are capable of giving you and not to seek anymore and certainly not any less from anyone. My respect cannot be bought; my love cannot be earned through flaunting success and my loyalty does not hold tight to any promise of fortune from a man. I will never be swept away. I was taught to stand your ground, fight for the life you want and BUILD from the love up. And we all have a #HER to thank for giving us the qualities we need to get through this so called life. Mine is #her. #SheStillLooksLikeThat #INeverLookedLikeThat #rude #unfair #GoodGenes #BackOffShesRemarried #AndICantEvenGetATextBack #jkIDo #ButTheyreAllFromHer 😂
whit_it 32w ago
This painting spoke to me; it whispered, "Turn me into a meme, girl."🙃 . . Being my friend is like perpetually being in a state of one of two things: "I can't take you anywhere" and "This is why we can't have nice things". And if you're lucky, both at the same time.
#jp #imjustthegoofyboujeegirl #getyouagirlwhocandoboth
whit_it 32w ago
lol What??? It is!!! 🙄🙄. . Whatever 👼🏼
whit_it 33w ago
Beware Bambi, my deer; he's a cheetah; I ain't lion.

This modern day lullaby is the new everything ♥️👐🏽♥️ & my man Jidenna puttin in heavy Dominican/Aventura (😍) vibes runnin up on the wedding like that in the second clip 😂 (swipe left) #HeSoFineTho 😍😍 #illallowit 😬 #tallslimNnaturallyfit #ipeepedthosearmstho
Jidenna ~ Bambi #allthefeels ((Full video on VEVO. Thank me later))#myneighborshateme #itsonrepeat #nosignsofstopping
whit_it 33w ago
That "Where you been keepin our boy at? All he do is talk about you n' how much his family love you," starter pack. 😂 #issajoke #madcorny #orwhateva 🤓🙃
whit_it 34w ago
Saaanto dios, they're really out here sleepin on the ones they're dreamin about #pordios(!). . .☁️☁️But we jusss, kick push, kick push #coasssstt 🌊 #skateboardemoji
whit_it 35w ago
If only there was a gym for personality, cause that's where some of y'all could use some major #gains. . .#oop
#culturegains👩🏼‍🏫 tap for #reggaeton
whit_it 35w ago
All these connectors and you ain't built a genuine connection yet?? #busters #buildsomethingbetter #keepbuilding #nyc #NeoYorquinos