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Boston, you've been so wonderful to us. Even with your poopy weather. I would definitely love to visit again.

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These two have such a crazy love/hate relationship lol 😂
Lol at Dayton’s idea of a silly face 😂😂
Happy Birthday my sweet boy ❤️ Can’t believe you’re 4 years old.
Happy Birthday to my little man. His birthday isn't until Wednesday but we had such a good day celebrating him today.
Happy Birthday to my love, my best friend, my handsome man ❤️❤️
I love you!
We had a super fun weekend. Took the boys on a quick camping trip.
Gordon burned his hand on the grill 🤦‍♂️and the only thing that made it feel better was an ice cold beer 😂 he couldn't hold on to just ice.
How'd I get so lucky with these three boys?
My little boy caught his first fish today. And then he caught four more! He had so much fun today.
Omg he cutest little guy. I wanted to keep him!!
Successful meltdown-free shopping trip = Treat
He didn't even ask for candy while checking out 🍭😇