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Cotton candy ice cream and white cake #dunny #Kidrobot #candy #cute #kawaii #custom #dessert

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Adventures at DisneySea! This park is so amazing!!! Although it was rainy and super cold out, we still had a good time! I'm so happy we we're able to ride all the rides we wanted within 6 hours of the park opening! Longest wait for a ride was 40 min. The Journey to the Center of the Earth was hands down my favorite ride, probably EVER! Even better than Expedition Everest! The Tower of Terror ride was great as well! Totally different from ours in Orlando and definitely worth checking out. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride. All the snacks were all A+! Why don't we serve cute themed food at our Orlando parks?! Also!! Check out the Aladdin and Jasmine cosplays! These are NOT cast members! At first I thought they were, but the cosplay game here is so strong here! So many people dressed in legit cosplay even though the weather was freezing (windy/rainy 56 degrees). That's dedication!! My friend @normaldaydeeds and I of course had to twin with our skirts. I wish we had more time at the park but the rain soaked our feet and we were freezing!! I was just glad we were able to ride all the rides we wanted with minimal wait times 😊😊
One of the coolest things I've ever been able to see. Life-size Unicorn Gundam 💕
Went to the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo today at Sunshine City Mall. We bought stuff.
Cherry blossom/ Bamboo swirl ice cream today in Kyoto. 😍🌸🎋
Adventures in Kyoto! Went to Fushimi Inari and Arashiyama bamboo forest! Swipe left for more! 👉🏻
Adventures in Osaka today! Swipe to see more! 👀👉🏻
Did I mention that Japan loves Halloween? Spoopy decorations everywhere! 👻 🎃 💀
The view from our Godzilla hotel room is pretty fantastic. Can't wait to catch the sunrise
Good morning Shinjuku! ✌🏻🌅
Spent our day at Takeshita street and Harajuki. Ate all the things
My mom is the real MVP! Sailor moon nails in time for Japan next week! SO CUTE!! 🌙💖🌸✨ if you're local you should check her out! Ask for Mai at Excellent Nails located in Alderman Plaza, Palm Harbor 😘
@becksorange is the real MVP! Thanks for grabbing this for me! 🍊🐤💚 and @xianricca for coordinating this! 😘
Got our JR passes in the mail today. Only 12 more days until Japan!! #jcdoesjapan
@normaldaydeeds gave me the sassiest hair today. I love it and all it's green glory! 😍💚