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  Posted: May 10, 2012 3:33 AM FEED
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This town understands me, the "Las Vegas Dog"

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Posted: Jun 29, 2017 6:30 PM
5 Ludwig
Hey to you too 👋🏻
Watching Speed. Whitey says "I can jump the the gap too!" #catsofinstagram #speed #floorit
Happy Father's Day Dad! Benny Boy loves to nap with his Papa. #CoachBob #fathersday #ProudUncle
Posted: Apr 6, 2017 5:07 PM
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#tbt To a night I'll never forget. The Cubs had just won the World Series, and I found out I was going to be an uncle. It was an emotional roller coaster of a night. This was how I ended up.
#gocubsgo #thatscub #worldseries #emotions #icanteven #UncleAnthony
Happy birthday @russellnyd! Here's one of my favorite photos of us during our time on the island. Those were some crazy days. Love you dude!
9 is not enough, and these photos definitely don't do it justice. 2016 was an incredible year for me. I'm so grateful. Excited for 2017!
Today marks 5 years with this beautiful being. She keeps me focused, inspired, and excited about the future. I love you @sammforpeaceee, happy anniversary!
My first hockey game ever! Thank you @russellnyd for the experience. @mark_m_wilkins you've got your work cut out for ya!
Life with you is the best life. Happy birthday my love! @sammforpeaceee
Cubs win! Got to see opening day this season, a game at Wrigley field, and a play off game. Proud to be a Cubs fan. What a season! #flytheW
Great session yesterday! Started Drums on the new @rebelrevive EP at @hybridstudiosca. Thank you @russellnyd for making the kit sound gigantic, and thank you @brennanedmondson for helping me get everything all dialed in!
#iphone6splus #feiyutech #filmicpro #fcpx #recording #drums #gretschdrums #ludwigdrums #porkpiedrums #zildjiancymbals #paistecymbals #ssl #brentaverill
We'll take all the pumpkins please! 🎃 w/ @sammforpeaceee