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I would rate this couch an 8.9. Do we need to tell em where we're at? Feat. @allzsocks
Same as it (n)ever was. (I never post wip shots. Until now.)
Sometimes I realize I should be more aware of my facial expressions and I do it anyway.
Lucy and Ricky. Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Bonnie and Clyde. You get it. Sea turtle lovers.
Proud of the woman you are today and always. Saroo to my Gudu. And you ARE cute, little girl. GO, GINA! ✨💫✨
I tried to come up with a catchy name for this guy. All I got was Marco Polar. I'm open to suggestions.
Sunday candy with Elessandra. She's a mother elephant who is wise and nurturing. Tell your moms you love em and give em a warm hug (especially) today. (I'm only showing you what I want you to see of this painting)
Sometimes I forget I should be more aware of my facial expressions. Oh well. #isthatlip
I might be the kind of person who starts new pieces before I finish the ones I've begun.. but I eventually go back & get em where I want em. (Also I saw lightning from an airplane once & it was incredible)
Another year around the sun for this one and I'm so grateful for ya everyday, sis. Happy birthday to my ride or die. Don't forget your ginger shot & shine bright like a diamond. ✨💖✨ (Alternate caption: mood for 2017)
I'm trippin out that this beautiful mountain range/surrounding areas are just burning away.
Pink Elephants on Parade (or swimming merrily) ✨🐘✨
I've had this recurring dream about a blue whale surfacing at high tide right off the rocks at St Simons pier. Here's a painting I'm still working on.