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Super cool life hack: you can use your seatbelt to open beers while you drive.
Swipe left for the sake of humanity.
Holy fuck I'm wheezing hahahahahahahahaha
I'm on the floor. Started partying at 10am yesterday and kept right on up till after midnight. Quelled a wedding. Broken glass. Talk of nose beers and way too many shots taken.
Got to play around with this lil minuscule 21,000lb flake of steel today. Just tossed it on the boring mill and worked my ass off for the final result which took about 300+ hours of skilled trade labor. Swipe left to see the final product. #sheetmetal #sheetmetalfab #manualmachinist
I always had a deep disrespect for this chapped lipped scallywag, dusty ass bum. Dude was drier than HGTV at 2 in the morning.
@dannypeee filmed this snipped of a lil sunset cruise on this beautiful second day of fall. Straight to the sun. #dayslikethesedontsuck
If you know me you know I love what I do, and I love my craft. This is a Giddings & Lewis manual boring mill circa the 1950's. Here I am replacing some broken and dull inserts and I'm machining 25,000 pound ingots of steel. The table will travel 15 feet across and 15 feet deep and travel vertically 5 - 6 feet. I love this shit. @grungymachinist
Achieved my #1 goal while visiting the Rockies. Smoke a joint butt ass naked on the highest peak I could find. This is at about 11,000 feet. Luckily for me, there was a nice couple that were hiking as well and took this picture for me. #rockymountainhigh
My motherfucking brother from another mother. So nice to jam some beers and whiskey with @clearwaterhotrodder and my nephew. @rustymx978 keeps texting us and harassing us jealous messages about how he wishes his penis was half as big as one of Arlen's pinky fingers. What a sore loser. We outchere bois. #puremichigan
Here's a part ya boi hammered out this morn. All manual. All by hand. And all pride. We outchea #machinist #manualmachinist #machinistporn
When your boy rolls over so you follow suit with a piss of your own. Happy birthday bOI!s. @casey_husted #sendit #30packofstrohs30packofhoes
This weekend was tight. Always good to come home tired, with aromas of campfire smoke, rain and oil in your hair and on your skin. One small roadside repair and one deer that came too close for comfort. @candyman__eps @twintuned