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  Posted: May 9, 2012 9:36 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 11, 2017 3:23 PM
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On Sunday, Julie told me she loved me and I cried. // 10.11.17
Praise Jesus for a friendship anchored in love for breakfast food and early morning chatter. // 9.2.17
"Who did you vote for?" -Leah the Hippie Liberal // 3.6.2017
How do we choose jobs if we can't even choose one kind of beer? // 2.6.17
A guide to spending 5 days in the woods: dark roast in the morning, pinot at night. // 12.20.16
I'm reminded why it rocks to be a morning person when friends like these agree to early morning lattes and video shoots. // 12.9.16
Thankful for a friend who knows what my eyes are saying when my mouth is full of queso. // 11.26.16
One day we'll play the Horse Thief Spotify Session recording from October 20, 2016 and say "Hey, you hear those unnecessarily loud cheers? That's us." // 10.21.16
You have my heart, Salt Lake.
And sometimes you and your friends have your self-portrait hug next to Frida Kahlo's and you're like "okay".
First airplane ride, first time in the Big Apple, and first trip with these ladies. Cheers to impulsivity 🍎
I aim for 2016 to be a season of personal and career growth, so today I am officially launching my website. It's full of the work I am most proud of, so here's to a new season of life.
Link in my bio!
This weekend I was able to see an 80 year old artist create a work of art using only foam boxing gloves and paint. I love this life.
We love our stripes and bows and our baby Gamma Rhos! 💋🌈🎀
I'm still all starry-eyed over our new perfect littles! You are both so loved, welcome to the Hager family! ❤️💄
Home Sweet Home 🏠 Cheers to the loveliest apartment, the most delightful coffee bar, and the most charming pennant.