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  Posted: May 9, 2012 9:35 PM FEED
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I think of you both every second of my days.
Bless to the man that gave me the guidance, the wisdom, and courage to step back in combat. He woke up every morning for a whole year refining my skill in boxing, but what was most important was the brotherhood we built. Today, is your day, the celebration of your birth. We are blessed with your presence hear on earth as you are a major influence to us, STRAP CITY. Happy birthday Coach O.
L o y a l t y
For all those who have supported continuously, from the beginning, and now, THANK YOU. Thank you for giving all our barbers life. You are the reasons why we live, and we will continue to stay consistent, and become better as we age. -TRUST IN SHARP.
Happy birthday to the best father alive. Thank you for the life you have provided to me, @waboogie, mom, grandma, and Grandpa. You are a true hero in my eyes, a man of his word, a true father to our life. I love you dad.
Thank you for everything.