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Settin up at Franklin High! #PMA

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Going through old videos and found this gem from @thetonyabrewer @savymonroe at 2 years old 👰🏼😂
The girls and I are missin this guy pretty hard right now! 💘
Visiting the newest member of the Maddison's! Sweetest baby boy in the whole world! @robbiemaddison @amymaddison83
Every year I want to wish @thetonyabrewer a happy birthday I have to use an old photo and that used to bum me out...but now I realize it's the way it is because when we see each other we're not thinking about our phones! Happy Birthday Tonya! Your part of the fam! Planning our next spa day👌🏼❤️
Mornings with no kids...I mean, no little kids 😂
Sav and I for @potterybarn Halloween! I hated the thought of being on camera but I knew this would be such a sweet memory for us to share! ❤️ @savymonroe They asked to see pics of @twitchthis8 but I guess he didn't fit their "look" 😂
Stenberg Family camping done right! 👌🏼🇺🇸❤️