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See what I see? Across from me on the train home after "The Voice" finale last night. :)

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You guys. My niece just called me.* Press play, volume up. And she knew it was meee ("titi" = my very audible gasp). Whole week made. ❤️! #makenziegram @iamkingbeats @sam25ttc

*I have an app that records all my calls (comes in handy). I usually just delete them when I'm done, but this one gets saved forever.
Unpacked a few boxes in search of my dad. I was holding this picture when my mom called a few minutes ago. She's 19 here. Stories to tell. Soon.
Sistren. Thank you for raising your voices. To my friends sharing your stories: I love you. And I'll join you. You are seen and clearly (sadly) not alone. I'll do better in telling you directly.

Thank you to the men holding each other accountable. Please keep doing so. To my friends speaking to your gender: I love you, also.

It often feels like it's been a long, strange week (month, year, life). I hope the tides continue to turn.
#TBT + happy anniversary to @samorapinderhughes' The Transformations Suite (link in his bio!). • You brought together so many beautiful artists -- in the studio and on stages -- for this truly stunning project. Thank you for having me on the journey. Can't wait for what you share next. #tsuite #wereallydidthemost 😄
I hope this shirt + this hair made some (white) people uncomfortable today. 😊 1. My #tshirttuesday celebrates the artists who brought #blackmessiah to life, in the studio and on stage. Swipe 👉🏾 2. Not pictured but beloved talents: @questlove + @kanevibrations. Thank you all, infinitely. #forevermood #thecharade #throwbacktuesday

Additionally: Amazing session with my group at NYU tonight. Excited for everything they're doing, honored to be part of the process.
Happy #WorldSmileDay* from my family and all of our teeth + California dreamin'. 🌴 Fun fact: I used to put toothpicks between my front teeth as a kid because I wanted braces like my friends. Didn't work. #fbf

*World Smile Day was started by the creator of the smiley face illustration as a day to perform acts of kindness. 😊
Happiest of birthdays to @chillblanko. 🎈 Throwback to one year ago this week, on location for the "Bands" video. TL;DR = Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

One of the greatest gifts you've given me is that I now hear your voice saying "no stress" in my mind. We both know I'm still gonna stress (we have so many goals! 😄), but I am infinitely grateful for you. Can't wait for all the wins coming your way. Much love to you, sir. Now please step away from the lab and go celebrate somewhere. 😂

Additionally: quick shout out to the amazing people on #teamwhitedave + everyone who helped make things happen in the past year (like @bearcov here, who allows me to feel miniature + @michaelbjordan who low key saved the day on set).

The incredibly supportive Coogler family & friends also leave me in awe. Grateful to be part of your tribe. So happy birthday to @naturalwoman and @pobrutha, too. 😊 #teamwhitedave #imsappy #birthdaysaremyfavorite #tbt #hellalongcaption
This #tshirttuesday is @robertglasper. I got this shirt in London after I extended my trip there last November from 12 days to 18 days. In order for me to see him play + afford the expenses of staying longer, Vincent and Freda set me up to sell merch. Gratitude; those extra days were well spent.

And that's the story of how I got this shirt (and how I also avoided America for a few more days after 45 was elected... sigh). Thank you again, @realmusicrebels (is Vincent on IG...?). ❤️
Solange. ✨👑✨ TL;DR = Being here means quite a bit, especially today. • The day after a terrorist attacked innocent music-loving victims, we are here. Our very presence in this space feels like an act of resistance.

It's my mom's birthday. She is the woman who instilled "don't touch my hair" self-respect in me from day one.

Earlier this year, I was honored with participating in @rehes' project, #testimoniesfromthetable, gathering women of color together to openly discuss our lives and hearts. It happened at a time when "Cranes in the Sky" felt like my theme song. It still does.

Thank you, @tatisoulstice. I've cried so much this year. Grateful for every moment that leaves my heart full.
1. Among my favorite mommy & me photos. 😊 2. Getting this pic of her today made my heart smile. Lovely friends took her to dinner last night and then treated her to a new 'do this morning. She's been wanting to try this style for ages. Adore all of it and I'm so grateful she's wrapped in love.

Happy birthday, mom. Thank you for #allthethings, among them my sense of adventure, determination, and sensitive heart. You are a Queen. And I love you more. 😉 ❤️
My #tshirttuesday is The Color Purple because #IMHERE is my forever #mood. Please do the googles and allow @cynthiaerivo's voice to help you get your life if you're unfamiliar. Anthem. I saw Color Purple three times, and I'm pretty sure I cried during this song at all three shows.
Additionally, she's a BFF(IMH) and a true workout inspiration (also currently just in my head, though...). And!! @itsjdixon is about to kill it with the touring company. So... technically, I'm wearing friends on my body. 😉 EDIT: I bought this one at a show and it may have been a limited edition. The back has a screen print of cast signatures.
Thank you to @westvillagebroker for taking this pic that needed very minimal post. 😄
Quick shout out to my literally fine ass hair for doing a decent job of pretending to be thick and luxurious. It's not. @lilimarlene70 will confirm my hair strands are puny. Always have been. There are just a lot of 'em.

Related: shout out to me for surviving the past couple months without reaching for scissors. I would like fall weather sans humidity now. Please and thank you.
#Repost @unitedblackout: "If any White man in the world says, ‘Give me liberty or give me death,’ the entire white world applauds. And when a Black man says exactly the same thing, he is judged a criminal and treated like one and everything possible is done to make an example of this bad n***er so there won’t be any more like him." James Baldwin speaking truth to power decades ago but it applies perfectly to the situation around #TakeTheKnee and Kaepernick.
#TBT + #tshirttuesday: Forgot to share this one because I still get very real and somewhat inexplicable jet lag every time I come back to NY from California.

Tuesday night's tribute for my class at NYU went to The Roots. A huge part of what I've learned and been able to experience over the past three years is a result of working at Okayplayer.

Being the cornball that I am, I took it to heart that I represented the brand + @questlove every single day. Working there afforded me the opportunity to know + meet amazing people (plus free t-shirts for days 🙌🏾).

Additionally, this tribute is for The Roots being unparalleled in a live show experience. Watching that alone has been a lesson in hard work and dedication. Especially so for the incredible humans who help keep them going behind the scenes.

Thank you to every single Root (😄) + member of their team who's played a part in where I'm striving to be. From fundraising efforts to signing autographs for friends to just giving advice and help from the kindness of your hearts. Infinite gratitude.
Um... So, hey. Shameless request: please follow me on Twitter. Be awesome to hit quad digits to somewhat justify that blue check mark. #goals 😄
I also promise to tweet more, even though I'm 100% low key scared of (saying something ridiculous on) Twitter.
And for the record, this is what happens when you do something just to see what'll happen. #asknicely
Home away from home. For those keeping track, that's now London, the Bay, and New York for The Places Cali Wants to Live in 2018. Nothing crazy.
Tremendous gratitude to the Pinderhughes + Coogler families (and friends!). Stellar human beings; beyond grateful for you.
Additionally: I miss Hiro. 🐶❤️ Back to Brooklyn with me, heart full. #baystories
This scone with plum preserves tastes like my childhood. Additionally: if any more families in the Bay would like to adopt me, I'm a great kid with stellar references.
Note to self: (re)learn all of mom's recipes and cooking techniques. #baystories
Love! I'm working on a project about music + community, and Oakland is one of the cities I'm featuring. Friday nights at the Oakland Museum will definitely be part of the story.
You get half off museum admission (after-hours are the best), live music (there was also more classical music on the main level), nearly two blocks of food trucks selling everything from BBQ to tacos (because Oakland), and various libations ("passion for art" was a tasty cocktail).
The best part has to be the people, though. Just look at this. Pretty special night, capped off by all these lovely folks doing the Cupid Shuffle -- from the stairs to the drink line. #allthefun #baystories #omcafridays
We're now #hella official. Thank you so much to everyone who's ordered. Join us tomorrow at 6p at Era Art Bar for @chillblanko's show + music video premiere. We'll be having #allthefun. 🙌🏾
Tremendous gratitude to Amy & co. at Berkeley Screenprint for coming through at the 11th hour; @colifleur for the assist on finding them at the 10th hour; and @inatural for the design.