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zooki_ 4d ago
This evening I witnessed one of my very good friends be bonded with her soulmate in a beautiful setting. She looked absolutely gorgeous as her husband Tony looked very handsome! They are made for each other & I will continue to pray that God will bless you both with a long, happy marriage. Keep Him first & He will ALWAYS keep you both. I love you, Regina & Tony! Congratulations! 👰🏽♥️🤵🏾
zooki_ 1w ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AUNT LORA & MY SISSY JORDAN ! y’all are beautiful, strong women ! you are a lot alike & always laughing & helping others ! Aunt Lora, you’ve always been my second Mom & made sure to shower me with love (: I realize more & more that I resemble you more than Mom 😂 you taught me how to pose & model & be prissy ! those skills have gotten me far & I still use them today ! you also taught me how to be a good person & you were a great role model for me ! Jordan, I remember first meeting each other & volunteering together where we really got close & I had no idea we’d ever get to where we are 🤗 but I’m so glad we stayed close ! we have so many inside jokes & memories ! I hope y’all both have a great day today & I love you & miss you so very much ! 🎉🎁🎊🎈🎂
zooki_ 1w ago
😍 my #MCM thoooooo 😘😏❤️😋😩 also my lock screen
zooki_ 2w ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY !!!!!! i love you soooo much ! i miss you & i’m so glad we became best friends ! i hope you have an amazing birthday ! 😘🎉🎁🎊🎈🎂
zooki_ 5w ago
A month ago my family grew a little bigger! A cop rescued him off a street corner & brought him to me at work & I took him home. With some patience & a lot of love he warmed up pretty fast. He's ok with baths, he doesn't like chicken, loves to jump out & scare us, likes to watch TV, & runs sideways when in a playful mood. He is so handsome & funny! We named him Snickers. ❤️
zooki_ 6w ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA ! I miss you so much & I love you ! thank you for being there for me & for being one of the best friends that i've ever had ! the long talks , the great advice , fun memories , all the dance videos & "cheerleading moves" 😂 all just shows how God made you one of a kind & im very blessed to have you in my life ❤️
zooki_ 8w ago
HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO MY #MCM ! My very handsome & loving husband turned 21 yesterday but y'all see he's with me, he ain't messing around in this sinful world; he has no desire for it. It has nothing for him! He's just so amazing & changed a lot, we're building a great life together & growing in Christ! I love you, bae 😘😘
zooki_ 10w ago
haven't posted in like a month sooo...☺️
zooki_ 15w ago
The only 2012 pics I have are ones with Isabella. I haven't changed much. 🤷🏼‍♀️👸🏼
zooki_ 17w ago
Happy Father's Day to my Grandpa & my Stepdad, Chuck! They showed me what a real man is & taught me how to be independent. My Grandpa showed me how to make a fire, skin a deer, shoot, hunt (even though I didn't shoot anything), & also showed me how a real man loves & treats his family. Chuck supported me & stepped up to raise me, he is the only Dad I have known. He showed me love & has been an example to me that not all men are horrible fathers. They both are great fathers & leaders. I miss them dearly! I love y'all so much! ♥️
zooki_ 19w ago
The past 3 days have been amazing! I'm so glad my parents got to come down & spend time with us while exploring Louisiana for the first time. I love them so much & I'm very fortunate & thankful to have them. They're irreplaceable! I miss y'all already! We have to think positive & start planning for the next time we will see each other. ♥️ I love y'all 😘
zooki_ 20w ago
Classic Black & White with Perpetua 💋
zooki_ 20w ago
🤴🏾❤️👸🏼 I love you!
zooki_ 21w ago
Been about it & I'm still about it ❤️ #WifeLife 👸🏼🤴🏾
zooki_ 21w ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEE! I miss you so very much. You really do mean a lot to me & to have a genuine friend like you in my life is the bee's knees! I know we will always be sisters & we will always support & love each other. Have a blessed day, Hailee, you deserve the best out of life! ❤️ I love you!
zooki_ 22w ago
First, I want to thank God for blessing me with an amazing, supportive, & gorgeous Mother! Happy Mother's Day! To the woman who truly represents what it means to be a mother. You made me everything that I am today. You did everything you could to give me the best childhood & for me to be able to do all I wanted to do. Thank you, Mama for all that you did. I see now what a handful I was but I thank you for still being patient with me & showing me love. I'm beyond excited for June, then we can really celebrate Mother's Day together! I love you, Mama! ❤️
zooki_ 22w ago
20 is feeling good so far 🐆🖤
zooki_ 23w ago
Our feet look long 😂 but who was better ? 🤔