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After 40 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy, and 3 very intense hours of labour yesterday evening, our little banana, aka Otto Paneros Dyer, was born in his water sac at 10.25pm. We are tired but both recovering well (and very happy to back in our own home for dinner and sleep tonight). Thanks so much for your support during this fruity chapter of our family story 🍌🙊 #hellobananababy
40 weeks and yes, we have no Bananas. There is still 4 hours left in today, however, and Simon feels like it's on the way in the same way you can smell rain on the way. I'm not sure exactly what he can smell, and I sure can't smell a thing because I've been blessed with a sinus infection and I feel like I've been punched in the face. My teeth ache and I'm more congested than the Western Ring Road on a Friday afternoon. But hey, here's a cute pic with my Apple Pop (and Gordon) to mark the occasion 🍏🍌🚂 #hellobananababy #helloapplebaby #40weekspregnant
Great big bite, catch all the drips.
Spit out the pips, lick your lips! 🍉🍉🍉 #helloapplebaby
I arrived at daycare to pick up my little lady wearing a different top to what I dropped her off in. She ran up and yelled excitedly "MUMMY'S GOT CRABS". Have since explained the difference between crabs and lobsters 🦀🤔 #38weekspregnant #donthavecrabs #hellobananababy
The perfect t-shirt for her current attitude - "No, Mummy! Poppy do it!" 💪 Mummy needs a strong t-shirt too. And a strong drink.
The handsomest pooch that ever pooched 🐼💜
It's a perfect week for a little time on the tools, and @simmo_dyer reckons he will have a roof on the studio before this baby arrives... Show us what you got then, handy man! #dyereno
What's that old saying? One woman's muesli bar fail is another's granola success? 🤔
Yikes! It's October -
that's your cue, Banana babe.
See you very soon...

#BAmonthly #haiku
Somebody please remind me next year that you can pat goats elsewhere for way less than a $40 entry fee 💸💸💸
The nap won and the dishes are still on the sink 👊 What didn't you do today? #takethatdishes (Artwork by @lovelyindeed)
19 days until you're ripe, Banana. Today we swore and fumed and watched You Tube videos and finally installed the capsule. Then we lunched with a bunch of great girls and ate too many tacos and consumed an entire roll of Fruit Tingles to combat the reflux. Good times. 🌮👊🍌 #hellobananababy #37weekspregnant
When we got married, we said "What's yours is mine," but I had my fingers crossed because I'm not sharing a bathroom basin with anyone. At least that's what I told myself then, and now I have kids 🙄 #dyereno
She was hard work today. Yesterday was easy - warm and sunny, perfect for some pants-off deck scrubbing. But today it was yes-no-yes-no to everything and neither of us had the energy for that roundabout. I longed for a nearby grandparent to share her with, but instead we settled for a swim at the pool and some manatee floating to clear the head. A bit of lunch and a good nap later, things were back on track. Tim Tams in the pantry should round out the evening nicely 🍫 #helloapplebaby
One sad tomato and one happy Apple 🍅🍏 #helloapplebaby
Packing the hospital bag with my neutrals 🌈🍌 I had to look at a few lists to remind myself what to bring. I'm going public again so a 24-hr turnaround is likely and requirements are minimal but I like to have options, just in case. What if yellow isn't Banana's colour? That would be a tragedy!
When you need somewhere to store your toys - I mean, tools - you just whip yourself up a studio... isn't that right @simmo_dyer? You're a clever clogs 🔨 #mancave #dyereno
Simon is raising a little Don Bourke - their favourite activity is time in the backyard and she can show you the nectarine tree ("That one! Pink one!"), the lavender, blueberry, sage, mandarin and passionfruit. We're also learning about airplanes which is handy when you live under the flight path for two different airports ✈️🌸
When you're hoping for a nice, quiet tram ride but the only other passenger sits right across from you and screams DING DING the whole way 🙄 🚃😉 #helloapplebaby