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User Image floydmayweather Posted: May 9, 2012 8:32 AM (UTC)

370 Brannan
  • a fckn beast

  • I like pacquiao n Floyd, them niggas need togo 50 50 n fight damn. But I think pacquiao got this 1 tho

  • _rodak 5y ago

    Dope pic!

  • Fuck Miss Pac-Man......40 mill I'll get in the ring with Mayweather ...I'll get knocked the fuck out for dat much

  • Flint love! Das was up

  • Mayweather should get more money then PAC anyway ....43-0 PAC Already took losses so he don't get that option

  • & if y'all think mayweather gon fight Paq the way he fought cotto y'all dead ass wrong ....he's not gon play with dat dude period

  • Been boxing since a young'n keep doin ya thang boi!

  • I remember watching you fight Terrance Churchwell in Nashville at Stratford High school, I fought that evening as well, ( as an amateur boxer)

  • Grand Rapids & Flint baby! Michigan run the boxing scene! #proud

  • Listen,during post interview againts Cotto Floyd demanded Pacquaio to leave Bob Arum.1st off Pacquaio is still undercontract with Top Rank and if Pac should theres going to be fines and penalties or maybe a lawsuit.And if Mayweather dislike Bob Arum so much then why in the world is he fighting Miguel Cotto who is still a Top Rank fighter?And another thing Floyd Mayweather, the god of all flomos,floydiots and floydouches failed to bring up the very reason why the fight between him and Pacquaio didnt neutralized is because Floyds greed!It was the money split issue which was Floyds fault.Team Pacquaio offered 60-40 and the winner gets the rest! Instead Floyd brought out the old issue regarding drug testing!Are you kidding me?!?!? Pacquaio had already agreed to all OSDT! Nevertheless,truely Floyd Mayweather is scared shitless on Pacquaio. You dont believe me then watch this video!Mayweather Vs. Pacquaio will never happen!Floyd will explain it on the video!


  • Cotto left arum dumbass

  • Niggas Rightin paragraphs an sht lol

  • Kingpin is a fucking homo for writing all that

  • @kingpin_01 why the hell are you on a scary fighters pg then?

  • all i gotta say us

  • Y'all be gossipn like hoes on here lol I swear.. an 90% of y'all ain't even laced up a pair of gloves, or know the business...

  • all i gotta say us 43-0 and yall can say whatever else and floyd would beat pacman

  • From ploys, smokescreens to excuses to another!! Pacquaio has been quite all along even now!Floyds motormouth should have an HBO 24/7series! Cause his mouth doesnt stop!Just step in the ring homie cause Marquez, Morales,Diaz,Dela Hoya,Hatton,Cotto,Clottey,Maragrito and Shane Mosely did and theyre still living the good life and some are still fighting! Stop being spooked so much!

  • @kingpin_01 Cotto is not with top rank anymore.Be educated before you talk....quit hating on Floyd and get off his instagram hater.Oh yeah PAC lost to Marquez but you'll probably deny

  • @president_cerda lol str8 up.. hoe & uh half

  • Lmao!...#getalife MoneyMay is the man!!! Stop trying to find excuses.

  • Talk is cheap ... You need to fight manny in the ring period. No ifs and buys period.

  • Its crazy how all these ppl hatin on Floyd but wat u don't see is he laughing at all u clown ass ppl all the way to the bank SMDH !!!!

  • Is that andre??

  • You have losses on your record but u want half gtfoh lol......paq need less ca$h it's a previlage 2 even fight Mayweather 43-0

  • I'm takin all bets when u fight that PAC-RAT!!! Beat his dawgass my boy!!!

  • @yoshi_senat broke??? bwahahahaha u obviously have no idea! keep driving ur mothers car thinkin u doin it! 😂😭😂😭😂💦👍

  • Stop typing paragraphs

  • Stop lookin at what we typing

  • Lol

  • Money team!

  • Man u niggaz arguin under anutha man photo all yall niggaz homo as a bitch no life

  • ..... Woah the hostility

  • @jaypeso2408 Look it up at Top Rank website dummy!Regardless get ur fat-ass on a treadmill and stop giving Floyd excuses! Look this up and see whos really scared.

  • @fnitty707 Cause obviously yall young ass needs some guidance!Floyd is a punk and has no balls on facing Pac and thats a fact!!

  • Congrats on the win, floyd


  • Sure Mayweather vs. Pac hit a snag in the beginning due to a surprising demand of Floyd of Drug test PEDS accusation towards Pacquaio! Mind you thats old and has been squashed yet Flotards still uses the same excuse towards Pac fans!LOL! How many times Floyd threw all kinds of excuses,Ploys and smokescreen?Sometimes he calls out Pacquaio then when interviewed he denies it?? He calls out Pac before Cotto fight yet he demands Pacquaio to leave Bob Arum and accuse Pacquaio that didnt wanna take the test??? WHOS THE [email protected]$$ here?? The legions of flomos,flotards,floydouches and floydiots! One thing for sure,all yall are easily fooled!!

  • @jaypeso2408 , Marquez was running all night and he expect to win?!?!? Cry Mexican Cry!! LOL!!


  • So when they fight and Money do to Pac what he did to the 43 he beat are you going to still talk this bs

  • This video shows frustrations over the boxing fans on why he is being forced to fight Pacquaio and he doesnt care what the public wants to see!! Interview was before Cotto fight.

  • @jaypeso2408 watch the video and get educated yourself retard!!

  • @kingpin_01 lol dude get real...if you think pac beat Marquez you DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BOXING.Period...and look it up yourself you pac d rider Cotto is NOT on top rank.Like I said educate yourself you ugly MF lol

  • u should all jus shut the fuck up!

  • @jaypeso2408 1st off Im glad you find me ugly cause for a minute I thought youre a faggot! Whew! Dumbass you have comp right?Get ur ass on Top Rank website dummy!All yall Mexicans are still crying?!? Pacquaio killed all yall legends so whos really hating?? One word...Treadmill!Get that stress of yo double neck!Lol!

  • Aite Im out!! Dont wanna create havoc up in this biatch!! LOL!! ONE MoRe time look up this video! It will open your eyes about Floyd!!

  • U heard of copy n paste lazy bumz! Lol!

  • Pacman wants half the money and he dont deserve all of u pacman fans are assholes 43 and 0 MONEY MAY ALLDAY


  • earns over 40million usd and someone is wasting time trying to hate on Floyd. Kingpin get a life pls

  • follow me dude.

  • Follow your guy @randyrodoni26

  • @floydmayweather I guess everyday I'll just come home from school n sleep the pain away of loving U💔😢😔😒❤

  • You guys are a a bunch of dick riders y ya counting another mans money? What has Floyd done for you or any minority. He don't stand for nothing but being flashy! He is not an Ali or Tim brown that tried to do something to help their people. What has Floyd done but talk about his cars come maaaaan wake the fuck there is real shit going on in the world and ya worried about PAC and may. By the time im done 55 blk children died in Africa and ya worried about this fool. Wake up my people blacks have the highest unemployment rate in this country and what he do for them? Nada and ya gonna call me a hater naw bra tell your mans to use his platform to help his people!!!👊👊👊👊👊⚡⚡⚡🔥🔥🔥 that just happened!!!!

  • Look her @kingpin_01 you talk so much shit. If you think that PAC isn't on steroids then your a tool he was getting knocked out at 125 weight class then he's knocking out guys at 145 and laughing at some of the punches he was getting hit with give me a break man only a dick would think like you. and when PAC fought Cotto, Cotto was weight drained so don't use that fight as example. Why should flyod give him half PAC doesn't earn what flyod does and if PAC isn't on steroids what's the big deal about a drug trust?

  • adrlab 5y ago

    @gmoney91 PAC already said yes to the drug test wtf

  • @ardianlabay_ what's the delay then?

  • Follow me for the BEST pics. @macmoney1

  • @ardianlabay_ Bob Arum. Pacquio's promoter is the one that's holding it back. Floyd even said it after the fight on Saturday. Pacquio is ready. Arum's got a pay per view problem

  • @gmoney91 haha "look her" wateva dickhead! Man u yanks talk so much shit. Pacquiao agreed to do the test but "Flyod" as u like to spell it, didn't want to split it 50/50! WTF! Yeh the world wants to c that fight so split the money, fight and get it done. Mayweather is the one stalling, fight should've happened a couple of years bak when it would've been more competitive.

  • @gmoney91 Hahaha wow ummm dont even know where to start but you need to update some of your info man. Lol!

  • @rwat21 I'm not a yank so think before you speak nobhead! If he's agreed to take the test why hasn't he? Why would Floyd split it 50/50 he makes 60 to 70 million a fight he'd lose money splitting. When your looking to fight someone 43-0 you play by there rules. When pacquiao earns that respect maybe then he can make his own fight and decide how much of the cut he'll take until then it's Floyd's way. And don't that I'm backing up Floyd cause I'm American when I amint. I'm a neutral in terms I nationality I'm just supporting the better boxer.

  • On another note, this photo is so cute

  • follow me dude @floydmayweather

  • Mayweather is the number 1 boxer in the world

  • @gmoney91 yeah wateva homie g money gangsta pom! He hasn't taken the test coz gmoney gayweather didn't agree on splitting the purse 50/50. Pacquiaos got every right to want 50/50, every1 wants to c that fight, if u think ur the best fighter in the world, make the fight happen instead of coming up with bullshit rules nd regulations. I like both boxers , I just think Floyd's making it difficult. And 'gmoney' is a wannabe yank name then.....just saying.

  • Ahhhh gayweather you come up with that all by yourself. I just told why pacquiao doesn't deserve 50/50 he doesn't draw the same numbers Floyd does. So why would Mayweather fight someone knowing hes going to lose money on it.I'm done talking to you. Mayweather best pound for pound fighter in the world. Numbers don't lie I'm afraid.

  • Fuck y'all bullshit don't hate cuz may weather reps for his city!!! : ) one of the best fighters in the world next to Muhammad Ali y'all better recognize.. Give credit when credit is due!!!!

  • YO Floyd, that's was one hell of a fight. You need a new name, it should be the Eliminator cause you keep knocking then off.

  • Floyd u be amazing who else right now is 43-0. Srsly take me serious don't make up rules so u can win u proved a lot now fight with p watever the mfkers name is kill em no little bs tules aight

  • Pacquiao dick riders!!

  • Mayweather undefeated most popular highest paid boxer right now... Its a very strong possibility Manny will lose and Bob Abrum wants to be greedy and make sure he gets paid big time wen that happens... Thats why he wants a 50/50 split cus both of thier careers will be over if Manny loses...

  • 45/45 winter takes 10% of purse. Go and prove you can win instead of saying "I'm the best so I should get the most $$$" or I'm Manny I'd say ok 60/40 but if I win I'll get 60% of ppv revenue. Agree like grown men. Mayweather would be favorite but pa man would knock mayweather down at least once

  • Following back everyone who follows me. Check out my nice shit

  • Yea right u guys that think PAC will win don't know shit about boxing !!! Cotto beat PAC if didn't make him drop so much weight ..... Shit PAC better train for Bradley !!!! Fuck PAC!!

  • Michigan stand up #moneymichigan

  • Money the best he don't need to beat pac man to prove it moneys undefeated.... retire 43-0 fuck what ppl say

  • Floyd made Marques go up in weight that's why Marques could not hurt floyd!! Floyd is good but he found lots of bums he picks his fights corales cotto and golden boy by the way it was a spit!!

  • Those are the best he found PAC-man when to war with all those Mexican legends found bigger guys margarito who Floyd duck!! And b

  • Dcampbell363 look how cotto was hitting Floyd what do you think PAC-man would do to him!! PAC is a much better fighter plus hits harder!!

  • Redbull757 you talking all that catch weight shit cuz Floyd say It on 24/7 so stop it he would have tko cotto at any weight bro he TKO niggas out not like Floyd ass who was the last dude he TKO fair!! Not Ortiz!!!?????

  • Seriously when will y'all give this man his due credit? Over 15 years undefeated? He's fought everybody!!! Why does his legacy have to be measured by PAC? I'm convicted now.... NOW I a believer- even if he beats PAC y'all still won't give him credit! This man can retire undefeated and all u will hear about is what shud of did who he cud have fought! Floyd do ur time, come out and spend time with your family! Letem hate!

  • Colombia716 stfu and jump off pacquaio's dick plzzzzz!!!! The man jabbed him that's all and he got beat and kingpin_01 stfu stop eating pacnuts pacquaio is not a fighter to worry about why the fuck are y'all following him it just looks stupid take all this gay ass research to pacquaio's shit...smh.. You sound like females

  • GREAT JOB CHAMP!... another one bites the dust.

  • 15 years of fighting hacks !! Glorified Kimbo Slice GOT DaMN

  • Follow me I'm mayweather nephew

  • @darkskinb my dude my comment has nothing to do with the color of his skin or who the president is ! Floyd is just a paper champ too keep his record out of danger

  • tells the fact that manny did not agree to the 14day drug test cut off.. Since everyone swears he agreed to it

  • Following everyone back for 20 min. Do it

  • For every follower i get i will like 15 off their photos and post 3 positive comments on their best 3 pictures thanks (:r

  • Floyd I truly love even if you don't comment back I FUCKIN YOU UR UNDEFEATED ASS!!!!

  • Mayweather a bitch, . Need yo fight someone tough. N stop fightin some scrub niggas

  • Stop hatin on the moneyteam bitch he do what he want and he'll beat yo ass

  • Is that kyrun

  • U r awesome money

  • Real niggardly shit

  • Real nigga shit

  • He looks like Usher!

  • Money mayweather:)

  • I wanted to box

  • Free my nigga Floyd

  • World class status

  • Michigan!!

  • boxing Yung...

  • I always come to Michigan to fight at A-sqaure Boxing Gym

  • Flint Town

  • You hate because your jealous, and your jealous because you know you can't achieve what he has already achieved. And what he has already achieved is incredible. You always point out the cons over the pros because your jealous. You criticise because your jealous. You HATE because your jealous. But really, whilst he's working his arse off in the gym, in the ring, wherever he is, like he always does, because that is the reason he is at the top, the reason he is where he is, and all you do is sit on your sofa on your phone and hate and criticise. @floydmayweather @bloodyhaters

  • I'm never underestimating- hunger to succeed again

  • @henry_g_mann shut up you dont no what ur talking about mayweather criticises no onw

  • Tough times don't last, tough people do @floydmayweather @floydmayweather contest

  • This world can turn your heart ice cold. I know in my journey to reach success it gets hard to maintain

  • Boa sorte pra vc bjs

  • Fica com Deus bjs

  • My inspiration the god of boxing

  • Dream come tru the winner @floydmayweather

  • Floyd please dm me I have a watch invention I swear it would make billion dollar investment only if you hear me out I dm you a wild back no response I'm telling you jus dm me and I'll tell you the watch name and you'll will be amazed

  • Floyd please dm me I have a watch invention I swear it would make billion dollar investment only if you hear me out I dm you a wild back no response I'm telling you jus dm me and I'll tell you the watch name and you'll will be amazed

  • It only takes a look to change a lot

  • You are my idol and I would work for you in your home washing your car but not just any weight gain is really my dream I admire the most faithful person would 👊🏼💪🏽😔

  • Dose your brother Justin mayweather have insta

  • My link im getting it out the mudd foreal

  • Floyd soy boxeador profesional de 22 años invicto y vivo en bogota

  • Just followed him

  • If you want to be the best you hace to fight against @thenotorious

  • Okay

  • @thenotoriousmma ya gunna die boy

  • The best of the boxers

  • Uma foto bonita,com a verdadeira felicidade estampada no rosto!

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