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I couldn't have imagine a perfect match for me! Savannah Pearl you make mommies heart beat 💕💕 Happy #nationaldaughterday love you baby girl
Sunshine-and-NO rain is what we are singing for this Saturday's #marketdaysonbroadway your tiniest vender Savannah Pearl @uptowncolumbus will be serving her freshly squeezed lemonade 🍋🍋🍋 we will also have sugar free homemade lemonade all well 😉come support Savannah's Lemonade Stand. Like her shirts says "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" #misspearlybusiness #littlevendor #childrenbusiness #growinguptoofast #lemonade #lemonadestand #uptowncolumbusga #jewelofthesouth
2017 hasn't been okay... it's actually been super fucked up and extremely a BLESSING and knowing my blessing out weight my trails and tribulations keeps me balanced. Acknowledging that I'm going through isn't a sign of weakness but awareness that I'm human and I have feelings. I want beat myself up but be thankful for the ups and down and keep it moving with my head held high.. I'm not ok but I will be fine. I'm blessed and highly favored #vibratehigher #balance #blessed #awakened #thankful #iwontcomplain #benddontbreak 🙏🏽🙌🏾👑still have my crown on #queening
Crushing on me myself and I💋😻😘😍👑#selflove #selfcare #wcw even on a bluesy day lipstick and lashes can save the day lol 💋
When I was younger summer used to be my favorite season! For several reasons, one being my birthday month and I love the beach and pool days. But this summer I was distracted with people and my own feelings of not being enough(yes the Queen has her ups and downs) but the month of August brought me clarity and strength to let go and let it be what's it's going to be! I don't have control of people and there intentions of wanting to be in my life, but I have control of who I share my time and energy with! I was to busy not trying to hurt people feelings when my energy was being drained. I can't let my well run dry and expect my cup to stay full. Letting go and starting fresh wasn't done purposely because it was the end of the month, it was done right on time so I can "FALL" into a place where the universe can hear my request loud and clear! #helloseptember #blessed #theuniverseinsideme #september #fall #fallintoplace 🍂🍁🌾☀️
My name is JoHanna I'm an hairstylist, bartender, edible baker, future yoga teacher(speaking it into existence) just know I'm an hustler and my goal is to let my passions speak for its self and my personal life be a testimony for the ones who need it and receive it! #hairtender #bartenderlife #bartender #haircaregiver #healthyhaircare #yogi #yogalover #growing #edibles #waveytreats #mixologist #bookme💋
Let all the whack shit that wants to give you a hard time and stress you out GO! I'm single until further notice💋 I got a one handful of friends (you know who you are) I'm doing yoga poses on a daily basic so #namaslay 🙌🏾💪🏾💋 And I been a bald #blondebombshell for 3 years now so been let that shit go! lol #mondaymotivation #lovemeorleavemealone #bendsoIwantbreak #letGOandLetGod
#FF why you had to grow up so fast!! My heart can't take it! #cutenessoverload since the minute you was born you have been everything to me and more. Mommy loves you so much💕💕💕 #mommyandme #motherhood #mommyblogger #misspearly
My own #wcw cause loving my self has been easy and rewarding even though I know you crushing on me 💋lol it's cool 😘
#TootyMommyIsFine 💋 Woke up feeling extra fine and sensual and balanced! I'm blessed to have strength to keep pushing on and not get discouraged when certain things aren't going my way. Knowing that everything happens for a reason. It's lessons learned so they want be mistakes made over again. I'm not perfect but I'm so real and so relaxed in my own skin that I understand the ups and downs that life throws us..learn to catch them and take control of the path you want to take that is best for you! Self is all that matters! Nurture you! #selflove ❤️
My Tooty 1st day of Pre-K🍎she kept saying "mommy I'm so freaking excited" lol no mommy is more excited than you lol!! 6 hours #kidfreezone 🙌🏾 Mommy loves you and wish you nothing but the best school year! #blackgirlmagic #cutestkidsever s/o to her Uncle Jay for the fresh J's for the kiddo @jay_smithovoxo
👻misskookiedough (don't ask me why I chose this name lol I've had it since MySpace, hotmail and blackplanet lol it stuck with me) just follow my #jojosjourney on #snapchat 💋🐶✌🏾#goodvibesonly
B•O•D•Y ~everyday I give thanks for life and health and strength 💪🏾💋💪🏾#blessed #healthylifestyle #balanced cause I like taco Tuesday and wine down Wednesday's 😜 lol /// Beach Crochet set by #TootyNana @knittinnana706 #mymomisdope
Hello August! Welcoming new goals, fresh starts abundance of love and joy into my life! #helloaugust #8outof12months #infinity #selfgrowth #speakingintoexistence #blessed The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time . . . in other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack.👑