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  Posted: May 9, 2012 12:43 AM FEED
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From a documentary for @vinylmeplease about @erasedtapesrecords the other week @colstonhall More shots on website. Think this guys hoddie must have reminded me of an @anarchicadjustment shirt from back in the day... #bwphotography #bwphoto #colstonhall #erasedtapes #viynlmeplease
Photograph of Beatrice Pratt on display at the American Museum probably taken by James Abbe in the 20's. Beatrice personified the jazz age independent woman. She wrote articles for high society magazines, drove her own car, was an accomplished swimmer, horsewomen and tennis player. She wore fab clothes and flew her own seaplane as well… #beatricepratt #jamesabbe #jazzage #seaplane #1920s #americanmuseum #bwphotography #museumphotography
Posted: Aug 26, 2017 2:32 PM
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This is the pattern in the top of the tin of Dulux Trade Aluminium Wood Primer after I finished stirring it earlier today.... Obs I converted it to b&w and put loads of filters on etc #hrgiger #nofilter #duluxtradealuminiumwoodprimer
@alexiadaydreams at the @thesquareclub for a poetry evening in Bristol the other week. #iphone5c photo of a 6x4 b&w print. Part of a new project being shot in Bristol and inspired by an unfinished novel.
Posted: Jul 7, 2017 7:42 AM
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Boys and cars and rockets and other spacecraft. #iphone5c
@jamfactory giving a really enthusiastic talk about his stuff in front of some nibbles at the Square Club this evening. That's a ham hock terrine on the right and a smoked salmon with caviar job in the middle cos I know that is the info you want. #skateboarder #mozart
@bromptonbicycle World Championships project shot @blenheimpalace back in 2010 is now on the wall at @muddock in Bristol. You had to race wearing a jacket and tie and start with your bike folded up.... #bromptonworldchampionship #bwphoto #documentaryphotographer #bikerace #2010
Nothing to worry about.... nobody is watching you.
Five images from 'Nothing to worry about' on a red wooden frame at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff as part of the Diffusion festival that runs until May 31st. What clear and precise information I offer you. @_diffusion #diffusionfestival #zeitgeist #bwphoto #leicamp #kodaktmax400
Posted: Apr 25, 2017 5:46 PM
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--Urban alienation, fear of terrorism and surveillance.-- These 5 images from my 'Nothing to worry about' project are being exhibited as part of the @_diffusion photography festival at @thecentre_yganolfan next week. I will be there for the opening on the 4th May. Extract of @alexiadaydreams text that goes with the project is below: " ‘Cities that do not adapt to us will insist we adapt to them. For those who cannot or will not, there is only exile or alienation.
Our cities are growing. Squares of silver and grey spread and join the old towns together until we can’t see green for concrete and the trees wither to patio size. Small buildings shoot upwards and tall trees shrink into tubs and wave their reflections through glass, or flash up as photographs onto our screens. We see green in luscious treetop pixels. Inches and angles are the architect’s battlegrounds and walls are built high with all-seeing eyes and electric gates. All hovered over from satellites in space, silently watching us and circling high in the vast unknown.
But we live here too. Alive. We are streams of consciousness pulsing through the streets to work and home, to work and home, going into shops alone to purchase goods, to drink and stare and try to stem the rushing blood of anxiety.
You’re looking gaunt...."
Two of the shots in the sequence the curators selected were actually taken in Cardiff. Full details and more of the sequence will be on my website soon.