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Room 108 served us well. Kind of sad to leave but we'll have a home instead! :)

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I’m THAT dog mom. 🙄 I bought a “His and Her” pillow set...just to get “the Dog Sleeps here” pillow #WorldMarketFind #RainyDay #Nashville #PillowIsAFunnyWord
There are always flowers for those who want to see them •Henry Matisse•
Yay to National Boyfriend day being over because that can only mean one thing...that TODAY is National Taco Day! 🌮 #NationalTacoDay #SmilingContest #AllYouNeedIsTacos #HaventMetYou
True joy comes from taking a break from asking for future blessings, and pausing to appreciate our present matter how small they may be. 🏙✨
I DID IT! - I moved to Nashville! After a few months of debating on it, I decided life was too short to overthink things. It's been a great first week. ✨
Give a girl the right lipstick and watch her conquer the world. Happy #NationalLipstickDay 💋
What if I told you that the $100 Mary Kay starter bag came with more than just $500 worth of products and a 50% off discount for life? ✨

What if I told you that with my starter bag came the best sisterhood, a free car, a quota free business, more purses and jewelry than I need, AND the freedom for me to quit my old job I was unhappy at to do this full time?

At the end of the day if you've ever wondered about this, then why not just try it? You could question forever if you'd be good at this...OR you could just go ahead and try! Yes I know it's scary. Yes I know you care about what people will think of you. Yes I know you don't know anyone. And yes I know it's so far outside your comfort zone. But what silly reasons to stop you from pursuing a life you love! 💕

Love this crew. Celebrating our last night with @scarlette_t_fraser before her, Timothy, and little Josiah move to Raleigh, NC 💔
Oh my heart! I'm so blessed to not only have a great job, but an amazing sisterhood to go along with it. I was having a bad day this morning, and then I got this sweet, handmade card in the mail from @jillyfish20. Thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to cheer me up! 😭❤️
You are going to have to fight for the life you want to live #mymklife #mkseminar2017
Because dressing up shouldn't just be for proms and weddings. Thank you Mary Kay for always giving me memorable moments 💕
And shout out to @tay.peplinski for the beautiful dress ✨