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This is happening. PB&J, Jalapeño Popchips, sour cream and New Grist Lakefront gluten free beer on my porch.

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My Sunday is so much better than anyone else's Sundays. I saw Danny Trejo, bought Masters of the Universe on VHS, and am getting wicked tasty bunch with my best friend.
"Hi, welcome to Whole Foods." ~Love, Clay and Abby.
Ghouls and kodama are best friends.
@hennenca model spotted in the wilds of Whole Foods back room.
Went hiking with one of the loves of my life today. Raven Run holds some secrets for 3 hour hikes. We found holy places. A couple tips: 1) If you seek them out, please respect them. 2) Take your closest chippie babies. 3) Hug them up and thank the stars for compiling their dust to form them. #ravenrun #bestfriends
Jazz to drive to work in the rain at 6:30am. Makes it a little easier. #billevans
I have rarely in my life been as happy as I was in this moment. I can't express how much these nerds mean to me. We stepped outside and saw a double rainbow.
The lights of my life. The apples of my butt. Xoxo thanks for cheerin a girl up.
I haven't forgotten about my protector on my back. Just had to take a little break before finishing her. Medusa by the great Wes Meek. #wesmeek
My aunt and my mum surprise FaceTime me to encourage me and send me love. I'm having a gnarly bad time right now in life but these two angels have lifted me up time and time again. Love you babies.