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We play for the fans, not the critics.
(Los Angeles, 2017)
Out of all the stories, this one's always my favorite. #Swooooooooooooooon
Thanks to all for making it out last night! It was just like my bar mitzvah 20 years ago, only I didn't break up with Robin Beurline before the service bc she wasn't Jewish 😬
/ Repost @nicstanich #Jonny33
Superman @bobharper, moments before pointing out how un-super the rest of us are. 💪😩
This show is super fun. So are slo-mo vids of me and ma boo @nicstanich. #Glow #Netflix
I highly recommend enjoying every day of your life. Also, swimming in sprinkles.
When you fly to Montreal to produce a pilot with three insanely talented women, you celebrate with big dumb smiles and every bottle of wine in Montreal. #3Girls #Blessings
Squeezing in some last looks before N. Korea sends us into the sea. #ClassPass #Passover #MAGA
Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Here's my lil Ewok when she was about six weeks old. 💖 #TBT
This weekend's been insane. Front row at Weezer was a high school dream come true. @rachaelray, you're my fairy godmother. #RRFeedback #SXSW