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💦 New blogpost! 💦 and obviously a throwback to a much warmer, sunnier day 😆 Soooo, yes you can make onigiri 🍙(<—�I finally get to use this emoji 🙌🏼) with or without a mold but - OMG it’s way faster (and really fun, not gonna lie) with the mold. I recommend picking one up. 👍🏽 [perfect giveaway material! 👀✨stay tuned] // Check out the 3 different types of onigiri I did on the blog • • // #feedfeed #onigiri #ricealldayeveryday #celineeats #carbsdontmakeyoufat
Sneak peek of what I’m working on with @milkimchi & @seasnax & @lotusfoods - 🥑 + 🥒 kimchi in my onigirazu 🌊 // did you catch me making a quick kimchi in my stories the other day with jicama and cucumber? 🙋🏻 // // 🌈 #eattherainbow #onigirazu #celineeats
I've been feeling guilty about posting my beach food lately. It started with the hurricanes, then the earthquake, and now the domestic terrorism that happened in Vegas. I know these things happen all the time - but it all built up at once and my brain is kind of on overload. It's like, we all care, we donate money and time and resources, and we speak out about it, but is change ACTUALLY happening? It scares the shit out of me. The headline of "...the worst mass shooting since ____". And then another one and another one. People post things about praying for this and that, welp...prayer does nothing. Actions need to be taken, but what those actions are, I'm not sure of. // and if you've read this far and still wonder what I'm eating, it's a BLT onigirazu 🙃 tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, with some spicy mayo on the side. • onigirazu blogpost on • 3 new blogposts coming soon 🍂🍄🌟// #feedfeed #celineeats #onigirazu #carbup #theanxietyisreal
Cheesing HARD AF because I found 20+ pounds of hen of the woods (maitake) today 😆 - also shrimp of the woods (aborted entoloma) !! First time finding those. 100% stuffing my face with pan fried maitake & hash browns rn 💪🏽 // the "common names" for mushrooms are so weird. Basically "anything" of the woods 😂 // #foraging #maitake
Tag someone that ✨L O V E S peanut noodz. Recipe for a quick, no frills peanut sauce: 1/4 c peanut butter (creamy or crunchy)
1 clove garlic
Juice of half a lime
1 T maple syrup
1 t sesame oil
1 T water
2 T soy sauce
2 T rice vinegar
optional - 1 t fresh grated or minced ginger
Add everything to your blender and blend away.
Add 1 tablespoon of water at a time if sauce is too thick OR add 1 tablespoon of PB at a time if it's too thin. It should be a pourable consistency but not liquid-y either.
Love this with soba, udon or any noodles really (or with a spoon ffs). // #feedfeed #eatalltheplants #celineeats
The best part about food blogging is that I get to eat all these carbs 🍱😆 // onigiri post coming soon • • shout out to @stacymichelson for telling me to grab an onigiri mold OMG THANK YOU GIRL 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 made my life 80x easier 😸😽// @seasnax #carbup #feedfeed #onigiri #celineeats #eatalltheplants
Working on my onigiri skills - who knew shaping sushi rice into a triangle was gonna be WAY harder than folding it up like an overstuffed envelope?! 😂 // Filled these with a little avocado or cucumber and dipped them in everything bagel seasoning. • coming soon to the blog • 🔹@SeaSnax // #onigiri #feedfeed #eatalltheplants
When you slice open that perfect avocado 🥑💯 // making some onigiri outside on this beautiful morning ☀️// @seasnax #onigiri #feedfeed #eatalltheplants
Foraging at its best ✨🍄 AKA - the mushroom that keeps on giving. Walking home from picking up my babe from school last week and I spotted this huge ASF puffball mushroom (+ 2 more smaller guys) and screamed (loudly). Swipe left to see from beginning to the glory of crispy fried little fluffy mushroom cutlets. I made a grilled cheese with @daiyafoods + avocado + cucumber + some of the pan fried mushroom cutlets. So many of y'all messaged me when I posted this in my stories and asked about this so I figured I might as well make an actual post about it and other tips about finding giant puffballs (Calvatia gigantea). I literally was able to make about 4 meals from that one huge mushroom in my original post! Crazy 😜 • found another one today in my stories 👀 Coming soon to the blog • 🍄 // #feedfeed #wildfoodlove #donteatallthemushroomspls #mycophile #foraging
Maple 🍁 sesame roasted tofu in my onigirazu today • recipe on my blog (my FAVE way to make tofu! I added a chili garlic paste/sauce this time - I'll show it in my stories) • • also in this months issue of @mantramagazine ✨// PS - there is a fiddler crab on my foot rn. // @moon_haus jewels on my thumb ⚡️#eatalltheplants #feedfeed #onigirazu
I've been living off falafel lately and this super crunchy falafel sushi-rito turned out good ASFFFFFFF 🙋🏻so here it is // also have cucumbers + cilantro + mayo + beet horseradish stuff (from Golds) + purple potato fries + lemon // if I'd had tahini I would have thrown some in there too!! 😛💦 // peep that beautiful ring made by my girl @moon_haus 🌟// #moonhausopals #eatalltheplants #feedfeed #seasnax
Just eatin bb pineapples at the beach with my bbs. // 🍍I can't pass them up at the grocery store. My 9 y/o laughs because I'm like yelling and hugging them when I see them 😆
Oooohhhh it's #nationalburgerday so I remembered I never posted this 💣🍔 from @beyondmeat - my absolute FAVE. *This* is the burger you give to people that are like ugh veggie burgers 🙄 because it's thaaaaaat good. Or actually fk that. Don't waste these on them. 😂 Let them eat meat. Gimme all the beyond meat burgs. // Topped this one with arugula + carrot slaw + avocado + special sawce + a good af everything kaiser roll from the bakery. [Don't tell me I put too much sauce, please.] // thanks @plantbased_pixie for reminding me about burger day! If you don't follow her already, you absolutely should. She's one of my faves. Cuts through the bullshit & posts yummy food 😛💦 // #eatalltheplants #feedfeed #f52grams #beyondmeat
Some day I'll look back with my kids and be like, "remember during the solar eclipse of 2017 when we were at the beach eating crab cake sushi sandwiches I made from the comb tooth mushrooms we found on that birch tree hiking in Vermont?" 😂 // you can see in my stories how ridiculously similar this foraged mushroom looked to crabmeat after I cooked it. While it's definitely not something you could find intentionally as a substitute for cooking, it's pretty cool if you do happen to come across it. 🦀 // I also have some chicken of the woods 🍄 in the fridge that I'm gonna use tomorrow; maybe as a crispy garlicky bacon-y crumble in a potato hash? // #eatalltheplants #donteatallthemushroomspls #feedfeed #f52grams #seasnax #onigirazu
New blogpost! Raw Organic Rainbow Wraps • ft. @SeaSnax ✨nori • link in my bio - 🌈 These babes have avocado, cucumber, red cabbage, summer squash, seaweed salad & baby greens. Sweet & sour dipping sauce recipe also on there - perfect match for these! // #eatalltheplants #feedfeed #seaweedinmybelly & #seaweedinmytoes
Monday's call for lots of CARBS in the form of sushi burritos. Filling = baked chippies with VT maple syrup + spicy mustard, purple cabbage slaw, zebra tomato slices, fresh basil, cucumber & baby arugula. Needed two sheets of nori to wrap this baby. HUGE 🙌🏼 // random fact: I carry a bag of sesame seeds in my bag at all times. Ya know, for sushi emergencies. // I'm not ok with being silent about the domestic terrorism and hate groups openly rising up in this country; silence = complicity. "Black lives matter doesn't mean other lives don't. Like people who say 'Save The Rainforests' aren't saying 'Fuck All Other Types of Forests" // #eatalltheplants #feedfeed #sushiburrito #f52grams
This beautiful specimen is gonna be in our bellies tonight. Lobster mushroom rolls maybe?! // Also found chanterelles and a few other non-photogenic lobsters 😛 // #eatalltheplants #donteatallthemushroomspls #feedfeed #mycophile #vermont
My hair has got a mind of its own. 🌊 // merbabe. // been doing like an hour of vinyasa flow every day 💪🏽 feeling good. Hamstrings & hips feeling much more open already. The only thing is, it's hard to find a balance (for me at least) to find a balance between yoga and lifting weights. When ever I start lifting consistently, my hammies & hips get so tight. 🤷🏼‍♀️ One day at a time! // #eatalltheplants #doalltheyoga #doallthecompoundlifts
Fruit kabobs & cocowhip smoothies & edible glitter & my nail polish matches that drip 💁🏼 & it's someone's 9th birthday so ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 🎉💜🌈💕 // Smoothie cup by @ester_kislin // #eatalltheplants #feedfeed