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Like Oliver, I've known Sam for quite some time now. He's the quiet one but not the shy type, just the "too cool to talk to you" type. I decided that the only way to get close to Sam was to develop a cool and unique handshake that only we know and that we practice every time we see eachother. With confidence in his smile, I'm sure Sam will be a devil with ladies when he gets older but for now we'll let him enjoy his youth. This is part three of my Portrait Project #portraitstories
I've known Oliver for close to five years now, he's become part of my day. Seeing him and his brother Sam get off the school bus and getting a quick recap of his day in school is always a delight. We'll also swap "steps" on our smartwatches to see who's been active the most. He's a joy to see, full of energy, curiousity and youth, continuosly reminding me everyday the joys of what it was to be a kid. Oliver has as big of a heart as he has a large creative mind that will continue to grow. Here's part two of my portrait project. #portraitstories
Today was a beautiful day... Now it's off to bed, big day of love and happiness comes tomorrow and I couldn't be happier.
My boy @darkerhandcraft is getting married tomorrow. I'm super happy for him and I'm proud to be his friend and to be involved in his life. Harris, you've always been there for me, good and bad and I know you'll make a excellent and dedicated husband to Christine. I'm excited for the next chapter of your life. #jerkharris
I see you everyday like this and you never change. You have become convenient in your sublties.
Should I tear my eyes out now?
Everything I see returns to you somehow
Should I tear my heart out now?
Everything I feel returns to you somehow
I want to save you from your sorrow...