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meltasers 283w ago
all this for $3.92. I love you, ikea.

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I'm going to rework this a bit, but eventually it will say Oh Crap because what else is there to say at this point really?
I spend most of my shifts trying to figure out how I could justify buying one in each colour.
Bobbi trying to figure out if I'm that lady who had those apples that one time. 🤔🍎
This rainbow warp is way too cute. Gonna need to make a really ugly weaving on it to balance things out.
Found this on my phone. He was trying to see how much purple washed out at swimming lessons. (Waaay too much in his opinion.)
Happy first day of school or whatnot. 😂
It's a Stevie Wonder and veggie sausage kind of morning.
I won 500 tickets on the fishbowl game and spent them all on this superstar.