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theres no one else i would rather almost burn garlic bread with 💓// pc: vsauw media team
thinking about how much i miss my queen 👸🏻// pc: ??
thank you everybody who made my 21st special! cheers to another great year with yall 💓// pc: @benmoy11
omfgcee 14w ago
is the pink shirt overkill? // 📸: @michellethinguyen
omfgcee 15w ago
goes to cali for a week, comes back a fashion blogger // pc: @michellethinguyen
omfgcee 19w ago
happy birthday to the most supportive and sweetest person out there!! ily from konoha village and back. #ShikamaruToMyNaruto // pc: (1) @johnnyle96
omfgcee 36w ago
we should have snow more often if that means no school ❄️ // pc: @lifeofroyce
omfgcee 38w ago
there can be only so much extraness in one picture // pc: @bossassmitch
omfgcee 39w ago
King cake reminds me of Jonathan Swift's satire, A Modest Proposal // pc: @michellethinguyen
omfgcee 44w ago
bc this is one of the few good pictures we have together #tbt #loml // pc: @maknaeleah
omfgcee 47w ago
thank u to everyone who came out to turkey bowl 2016 hosted by @vsauw! the success of it is due to your contribution and attendance. // pc: richard #uwturkeybowl2016
omfgcee 48w ago
looking at tickets to NOLA and felt nostalgic about boston 💕 // pc: an awesome friend who i can't remember right now
omfgcee 49w ago
me ft my fave snapchat filter that's never up 😔 // pc: my personal assistant