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Thankyou p4 for the interview! Ses på Trädgårn Gbg på lördag! Berns sthlm på söndag! Sweeeden show up🙌🏽💜
We did a little cover of the Bittersweet Symphony 🙈
Peace of Mind
Produced by us and @raphael_saadiq feat @therealfaithevans ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Can’t hardly believe it ourselves! Made a track with two of our musical heroes @therealfaithevans and @raphael_saadiq 🌸Peace of Mind🌸 out today! Enjoy❤️
Get your tix mate! Trädgårn i Göteborg 21 October! Berns Stockholm 22! Powow! 😘
Göteborg! Kom till trädgård 21 October!!
@shabazzpalaces Go check their new video and song please! Its ❤️☄️🚀💥. U find it in their bio