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  Posted: May 8, 2012 5:20 PM FEED
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Crying because a bird stole his pasta.

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Living room is coming along over a year and a half since we moved from busy NYC to laid back SoCal. I'm trying to bring home some semblance of the Yale Club x Rome x Barcelona (aka, where we met, where we honeymooned, and where we had our daughters) in the design. I'm not sure I like that little Moroccan table there (though Marrakech was our last trip before we became parents). But I haven't found a vintage entry table small enough to fit that limited space by the door. Toying with the idea of turning it into a mock entryway and putting that table somewhere else. What to do...what to do... 🤔
Redecorating in progress. I've been using @facebook marketplace to scout for cool vintage furniture. Those tub chairs from a lovely older lady's mansion were only $32.50 each. I love a great deal when I see one. 💸
Posted: Oct 13, 2017 1:59 AM
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Trying so hard to give this gardening girl my childhood but better 👩🏻‍🌾🍅
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 11:24 PM
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🍉 on 🍉 by Isadora, age 3
Posted: Aug 19, 2017 6:38 PM
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Nothing relieves despair like prayer and a freshly baked pie.
Posted: Aug 17, 2017 9:33 PM
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My sister and brother in law lived and worked near San Bernardino, and my office is on Times Square. So when the terrorist shooting and car attack happened there, it felt close to home. But Barcelona was our home. In fact, it was our first home when we got married. I was pregnant and gave birth to both our girls here. My sister was engaged there. I took her, my brother-in-law, my mom, dad, friends, and my daughters to La Rambla. I spent many days there shopping in the market or exploring with my Spanish class. It's just where you go when you're in BCN. During our last trip last summer, we shopped and met loved ones for dinner at La Rambla and Plaça Catalunya. So when I woke up to friends marking themselves "safe" from the attack in this exact place, I felt both relieved and heartbroken. Some were walking to work when it happened. Some saw dead bodies on the ground. Couple this with the weekend's events in Charlottesville, and I have a hard time remembering exactly what we are fighting for...if not for peace. Can you still have hope if you don't have peace?
These alpaca 'chair socks' have been great conversation starters; best practical purchase of the week! They're made to protect chair legs from scratching the floor; the felt tips I was using kept coming off. I found these for $1.50 per set of 4 @daiso_usa. I love quirky and minimalist Japanese designs.
How does my husband put just one whole strawberry in my cereal (see my last post) but can make Mickey Mouse shaped strawberry shortcakes and whipped cream? 🤔 // 📝: @nytfood archives online
My husband asked if I wanted fruit in my cereal. I said yes, and he gave me this. 🍓 😂
This is what $7.98 can buy you @traderjoes ($3.99 per bouquet of #roses and #gerbera). Are you gifting yourself some flowers this week? Do it. You're worth the $8, and taking care of something else will help heal you.
My colleague @verilymag just informed me that it's #nationalcatday / #internationalcatday which makes me so happy because I'm a total dog person turned #catlady. I love dogs and grew up with 6 of them! I'd even take my dog to class when I was an undergrad @ucberkeleyofficial. But lifestyles change. As I got older, I moved cross country, then cross Atlantic, and back again. We travel a lot for work which isn't conducive to taking good care of a 🐶. But this girl right here is just fine on her own for a couple days. We ask our neighbors to pop in to do a little cat keeping in the morning and evening; thankfully, they're cat people too. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that Franchesca (I swear it's the name she came with) is the only constant companion I have during the week apart from my very riveting toddlers. I adopted her from the @arkofsanjuan companion animal rescue, and she has turned out to be the #purrfect therapeutic companion. I never thought I'd be an indoor cat person, mainly because I'm deathly allergic to most animals with fur. But Franchesca happens to be a Blue breed (the enzymes on their coats are better for people with allergies), and I've been sans 🤧 since she came into our lives 8 months ago. So if you have allergies, take heart! You can give the right cat a loving home. Are you a cat or dog person, both, another type of pet person, or do you prefer to stick with your fellow humans? 🐈🐕
Contrary to popular belief, life doesn't "end" when you get married and have kids. If anything, life is better because you're forced to stop wasting time on things that don't add up to much in the end. Instead, you put your energy into all the people, places and things that really matter most to you.
Posted: Aug 7, 2017 10:46 PM
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Dada's in Dallas for work on his birthday today. We always make his gifts because he prefers them over store bought presents. This year, it's two small paintings for his new office! 🖌🖌The one on the left is called "Our Date" and the one on the right is called "Our Hike". They named their art themselves 👧🏻👧🏻. Happy birthday to my wonderful, loving, patient, crazy husband, the best father these girls could have ever hoped for, and our family protector! 🇻🇦
Picked up some roses from @traderjoes to brighten my desk (and my mood) a bit. Best $3.99 I'll have spent this week. Life is short, and it sucks a lot of the time. If buying yourself flowers makes you happy, then go buy yourself flowers. 💐
Posted: Aug 1, 2017 5:20 PM
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I'm having a bad day. Yesterday, our 4-year old was acting out in ways completely unlike her character. She kept saying, "No," purposely doing the opposite of everything I asked, and even ripped out the painting I'd just hung above her bed. I don't spank. But last night I spanked her (cupped hand on bottom). Her behavior throughout the entire evening had gotten that bad. She didn't flinch or cry. Afterwards, I told her, "I don't like that I had to spank you. I hate it. It hurts my heart because I know you're a good girl, but you chose to do some very bad things today." At this point, she burst into tears and cried into my chest. I asked her how I could make it better; did she want to talk or hug? Her little arms reached out toward me and she said, "Mommy I want to talk. I have to tell you something." She got up, held my hand and led me out of her room where we could be alone. We knelt down on the carpet and she whispers to me, "Mommy, I have to tell you a secret." In between sobs she said, "I had a bad day. Nobody wants to be my friend. There is a girl in my new class...and I want to be her friend. But she told me that if I want to be her friend...I have to be mean to my mom. And that's why I was mean to you today. And that's why I didn't listen to you and I pushed you. I'm sorry Mommy. I'm sorry you didn't know that's why I had a bad day." Then she let out the biggest, saddest cry I've ever heard and crumpled into my arms. It broke my mama bear heart. I'll remember it forever. It's the first time I realized I can't protect my children from getting hurt forever. It's one thing to fall on the sidewalk. But how do you remedy invisible blows like these? I had a feeling something bad happened at school, but I am too inexperienced to trust these instincts. I should have listened to my gut. When I was a middle school English teacher, I witnessed how merciless and cruel young kids can be. I just have to prepare my girls as best as I can so they handle situations like these with grace and justice. Because sadly it will happen again. I just didn't think it would happen this soon.
Weekend project: finally hung up the first paintings the monsters made over a year ago. #betterlatethannever 🔨 Almost everything in this room is from @ikeaesp 🛏🛏. When we lived in Spain, our apartments came furnished with everything IKEA. @ikea_sweden @ikeafrance @ikeadeutschland (i.e, every IKEA in Europe) has about 300% more selection than we do in the US. The IKEA stores there are done so well that we'd often go there just to eat lunch and browse around. They even have story time for kids in the center of the restaurant (which serves steak and frites, beef shank, cheese plates and other foods you won't find in @ikeausa, at least not yet). It made me realize how practical Europeans must be. Why pay $500-$1000 for a child's bed when you can buy a well-designed one that extends from toddler to twin-size for $99? Trust me. The girls are sleeping in these until they leave for college. 👧🏻👧🏻