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  Posted: May 8, 2012 4:54 PM FEED
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The outcome of my makeup room makeover! & My Sammy girl even posed for me 🐶💋🙌🏻 #makeupvanity #ikeaalex & as always @jaclynhill was all my inspiration 🖤 #jaclynhill
🌽🍗🐄🍦🎡🐖🍪🍕👓🍻🎷 Basically, Iowa State Fair 2017 was a success 😆🖤💛
How. Gorgeous! & It's even better in person.👌 #operationpollinator @tcofiowa 🐝🌼🐝😍🐝🌻🐝
"What? So you just have couch pepper flakes now?!" - @gillaspeyadam 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 Answer is yes, people 🔥
👨‍🍳🔪Who's looking for a kitchen gig?! Cooks, dishwashers, and busser positions available! Apply in person @trostelsgreenbriar🍷 🍽
Classy. Sophisticated. Timless.

Sinatra that is.. 😄

22! TWENTY-TWO! Oh how time flies! Happy birthday B! Love you my lil slice of watermelon 🍉🖤 🍉🐝🍉