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Not a bad day i guess. How’s your office today?.
As we spend a third of our working life in the dark this time of year, thought some new LED's were needed. Unfortunately there so bright we now need shades 😎
Quick turnaround and back out. Morning all..... just 💙
Just another day in the office. Morning all 💙 crab on 🦀🦀🦀
At last well done defra! Just hope everybody sticks to it!! #chuckemback #breeders
Meanwhile, out the port window....
#bigboystoys Old Timer Beam Trawler. But still a fine ship in the Cornish sun. #falmouth #dockyard
Tis a pretty night for some all night crabbing, demand & prices are up, rough tomorrow, calm tonight. #perfect #fishon 🦀🦀🦀🦀
Cheers @simon_wild55 for the top quality build. Gave him a T6 panel van with windows from @thebristolcampercompany and he produced exactly what we wanted - Casper is born ready to play! Fully lowered/loaded and ready for action. #vw #t6 #surfbus #surfing ? #notme, thanks again Simon. He's a beast!
Flat a calm. It dosnt get much better than this . #homewardbound
Top mechanic/car restorer and good friend @simon_wild55 wanted to come to see what we did for a day. While he was here we had him baiting and stacking 725 traps in 12 hours. He's still smiling so I think he enjoyed it. #legend lost his #crab #virginity
Nice day for a bit of #slowmotion #slomo. All engines ahead........ slowwwwww
#Holywell beach. What a #crabtastic day so far. Thoughts to all in #Texas sheltering from #hurricaneharvey 💙
Rounding the #headland at first light!! A proper lay in today. Morning all. 💙