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Just the average #school day with these crazy cookies, lots of #fun today pahahaha #love my #friends :)

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Recipe for my salted caramel popcorn cupcakes (and my submission for the ‘best pop vocal performance’ Grammy) is up on my YouTube channel now! It’s a later than I said it would be up as I took a little unintended break from social media (other than my business ones) but I’m back now :). Go check out the recipe on my channel and let me know what you think while I put together a written version for my blog ☺️✌🏽#recipe #cupcakes #saltedcaramel #caramel #caramelcupcakes #saltedcaramelcupcake #cake #youtube #pastrychef #food #foodie #bakeandshare
How fab does this salted caramel cheesecake look from @rika_sulaiman?! She made one big one from using my mini cheesecake and caramel recipe 💖! Thank you so much for giving it a go, love how you decorated it and those macarons look lovely 😍 #bakeandshare
#Repost @rika_sulaiman (@get_repost)
salted caramel cheesecake with salted caramel popcorn and matcha rose macarons 🥀
Recipe for this is also on my blog too 😊. I've asked this on the video but might as well ask here too... planning on doing some bulk filming over the next few days and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what you'd like to see on my blog or YouTube channel? Already added something vegan and eclairs to the list but if you had anything else you'd like to see I'll see if I can fit them in with the other stuff :) #recipe #chocolatetart #tarteauchocolat #fresh #chocolate #tart #pastry #pastrychef #bakeandshare
The chocolate tart I teased a couple weeks ago is up on my YouTube channel now ☺️ thought I'd best get the recipe for this up sooner than later since it looks so summery 💖#chocolate #chocolatetart #tarteauchocolat #pastry #pattisserie #pastrychef #pastrydelights #recipe #bakeandshare
One more week until I come up to Edinburgh and bless @stunspores life 💕☺️👫
Big thanks to my lovely supportive former employer Emily at @sweetvintagemossley for buying not only the rainbow cupcakes but also these salted caramel popcorn cupcakes a couple weeks ago. Glad they didn't go to waste and went down so well! Recipe for the Salted Carmel Cupcakes will be up sometime next month😋
Rainbow cupcakes ❤️💛💚💙💜Check out the recipe for the cupcakes and how to make the rainbow meringue kisses in my latest YouTube video up on my channel (link in the bio for now) #🌈 #rainbow #rainbowcakes #rainbowcake #pride #manchesterpride #rainbowmeringue #meringue #meringuekisses #recipe #cupcakes #cupcake #pastry #pastrychef #pastrydelights #bakeandshare
Chicken #biriyani yassss! Second time making this and I still managed to over cook the rice 😂 I have a tendency to make rice and pasta more 'al mushy' than 'al dente' by accident haha! Recipe by and it's soooo good! Only thing I added were some chickpeas and a teaspoon of my favourite spice, cumin👌🏽. Tried my best to make my over cooked rice look presentable 😂 it tastes amazing though and that's what really matters 😊.
Big thanks to my fabulous former employers @richmondtearooms for buying not only the little fruit curd tarts but this chocolate tart over the weekend. Helps prevent my next few YouTube videos and blog posts from burning a hole in my pocket 😅. I'll share the recipe for the chocolate tart sometime soon 😊 #richmondtearooms #chocolatetart #berries #pastry #tart #fruittart #chocolate #pastrychef #bakeandshare #pastrydelights #meringue #recipe
Recipe for the lemon, mango and passion fruit curd I mentioned in my last post is up on my blog. You can use this recipe for pretty much any fruit such as oranges, raspberries, cherries... get creative :) link to my blog is in my bio 🏷 #lemoncurd #fruitcurd #recipe #pastrychef #bakeandshare
Update: Definitely think putting random berries on top have made these tarts look much better 😅. Sweet shortcrust pastry filled with a lemon, mango and passion fruit curd. All homemade of course! Recipe for the fruit curd will be on my blog and YT channel ~tomorrow~ #meringue #pastrychef #pastry #tart #bakeandshare
First time trying to do this kind of piping, what do you think? 😂 some are obviously better than others haha! I'm thinking 'let's put some random berries on top to distract from the dodgy piping 🤔' #meringue #piping #pastry #meringuepie #pastrychef #bakeandshare
Despite somehow catching a cold I had a really great week last week. I did another cake stall, had a second radio interview (and actually remembered to mention my business name 😂) AND my YouTube channel hit over 1000 subscribers!!!!!! It's so cool that this creative side project/hobby is starting to gain a growing audience now. Every time I wake up in the morning I see new subscribers and new comments which is a huge contrast to how it was a few months ago. I'm not a pro at all this but doing video editing again and now learning more about food photography reminds me of doing media again in school. It's so fab that I get to incorporate something I wanted to learn a little bit more about and pursue into another passion. I know 1000 may not seem like a lot to some but you've gotta celebrate every milestone because you don't know when or if you'll get another. So thanks for watching and enjoying some of my work, I'm super grateful and appreciate it x #cake #pastrychef #bakeandshare #milestone
Soooo drawing loads of anime/manga eyes in the back of my English book in school came in handy 😂 to see the full tutorial of how I made this 'crying in the club' inspired cake then head over to my YouTube channel... and cringe at all of my fangirling over @camila_cabello :) #camilacabello #thehurtingthehealingtheloving #cake #cakedecorating #cakesofinstagram #instacake #macarons #pastrychef #pastrydelights #bakeandshare
My latest pop song inspired cake is up on my YouTube Channel. Inspired by my favourite popstar at the moment who I'm totally obsessed with @camila_cabello for #cryingintheclub . I incorporated some of her single artwork on this cake by hand painting her eye from it, so pleased with how it turned out. Link in my bio (for now) if you want to see the full tutorial #camilacabello #thehurtingthehealingtheloving #cake #cakedecorating #cakesofinstagram #instacake #macarons #pastrychef #pastrydelights #bakeandshare
As promised (nearly forgot ngl), my macaron recipe is up on my blog. I use the French meringue method like 70% of the time as I find it so much easier and quicker to make! It also cuts out all the faffing around with hot sugar syrup and a thermometer that Italian meringue requires. #macarons #macaron #caramel #recipe #pastrychef #bakeandshare
So those #vegan meringues sort of worked. 2/3 of them cracked just like I thought they would but managed to get enough good ones to use on this 100% egg free cake. I went through so many recipe fails over the last month trying to find a good egg free vanilla cake recipe that actually works and had a 'normal' texture, got there in the end 😪. #cake #birthdaycake #bakeandshare #pastrychef
Having a bit of an experiment making vegan meringue from aquafaba as I've seen people do it before... so far it looks (and tastes) legit. My only concern is that it was granular af! I whisked it for 15 minutes and I could still feel sugar in the meringue, so very likely they'll crack in the oven. We'll see what happens 🤔. At least they look pretty before I've put them in the oven #vegan #meringue