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It was so beautiful I had to stop my bicycle and take a picture.

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Real, everyday life, amidst hard, confusing, too much looks a little like this. Thank you child, seriously, thank you. I won’t tell what she said it felt like, it’s just too gross. #dowhataddsvalue #choosejoy #intentionalliving #reallife #everydayrealness #childhood #childrenarethebest
About 20 years ago my mother nursed my paternal grandfather at the end of his life. When he died, my grandmother moved into a cottage at place for seniors. They had very pretty gardens. She died a few years later in our family home. Now my maternal grandmother is living in the same place for seniors and my mother is nursing her at the end of her life. And the gardens are still pretty and a place of peace.
There has been so much life between the last time I stretched and now. My focus shifted a little too much onto things I have absolutely no control over. In a moment of despair (we all experience them at times) this evening I remembered that it like stretching and I have control over stretching (not much, I am 34 and unfit). #livewhileyouarealive #dowhataddsvalue #my30dayflexibilitychallenge #choosejoy #intentionalliving #decluttering