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New library books! I frequently forget the library is a thing and then get really excited when I remember I can have all the books for free! I haven't had a chance to take a case to trial yet, but by the time I do, I'm going to be very well read!
Good morning, bread bugs! 🥖🥖 I mixed up a batch of dough last night to make baguettes tonight, with about 20 hours to get delicious on the counter. Recipe from @miyokoschinner's "The Homemade Vegan Pantry."
Needless to say, this table was gone by the time we walked by again.
Heck to the yep for this vegan mozz. So delicious.
I'm in a tiny gritty changing room waiting for a beginner class at my new gym, getting a feel for things around here before I dive into the real classes. No wraps, no gloves. Only my jump rope. I might be bored out of my mind. I might learn new rope tricks. We'll see! 🥊🥊 EDIT: That is the best beginner's boxing class in San Francisco! So much focus on conditioning. Super intricate technique. 10/10. Highly recommend. Can't wait to see what I can become with more training from these people.
I had a proper knitting sesh for the first time in many days while these potatoes were in the oven. Back to boxing tomorrow night. Maybe things are back on track?
Here we go! Three rolls of C-41 for $5 (thanks, @photoworkssf!). Each of these cameras gets one roll. As one camera finishes, I'll process the film at home in Caffenol-C. By the third roll, maybe I'll be decent at it! It scares me a little to think about losing some photos, but that'll be a good hangup to get over. We're making art over here. It should hurt a little.
Ack! And then I found my copy while we were cleaning out the storage unit. I'm tempted to return to it, but I left it behind to find again later.
I just spotted this Kate Chopin at a charity shop. I hated this book. So in undergrad, I chose to write a rather genius paper on it. It won an award. I traveled to Pittsburgh and presented it at a literary conference. And now our relationship is completely over, but I still have those complicated feelings when the memories come back.
(If you know who sprayed this in Oakland, have 'em reach out to me about my next tattoo.)
Welcome to the fridge, my new little pretties! I ordered from @freestylephoto1 a roll of Rollei CR200 (my first E-6 that I'm gonna have processed in C-41) and two rolls of @psychedelic_blues_film by @bloboliveradams! (I may have also received a roll of vintage film with a whole new camera this week, but I don't know how to use it yet.)