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A couple of blonde bombshells graced me with their presence... @stassipash @ashlicope4 I love you more than a plant loves water.
Oh hi Lovie! ...That is actually her name.
Happy Passover. The original rap song.
The cutest. Two sweet ladies with hearts of gold having a cuddle. And they are color coordinated. 😍
Queen of all Queens. Happy belated birthday Doll Face! I love you SO much it hurts deep inside😘 @stassipash
This sweet man was born yesterday. Love you so much. Wishing you the best for all the years to come. @bettercallsalkin 😘
You bet your sweet ass I will. Also Milo is mugging me up like a true G. @jaclyn253
Thank you Jac! I love you so much😘😍
RIP. I blame the TPS reports.
This is Pocket Food. Well Pocket Food and a business card. I was recently told that Pocket Food is not a food group. Actually, it is and I've been enjoying it since a ripe young age. Please note that while triscuits are a delicious treat wheat thins are a preferable pocket food because they are less messy.
Skeet skeet. I am ever so slightly forlorn that this zinger was lost on a drunken intellect akin to a box of hair.