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Learned how to say "I love you" in sign language! #CCPrompt7

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Given the state of the world right now, there’s no room for complacency and hoping that people make the right choice without being a part of the decision yourself when the opportunity exists. So I made sure to do my part by reading up on the candidates and their platforms, finding the representatives I feel comfortable supporting, and then getting out this afternoon to vote in the city election! ✍🏼✖️
Finally saw @marstonmovie and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. This film was incredible on so many levels and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It also feels very timely, given all the conversation lately about the importance of women’s voices as well as queer representation in the media. The story of the women who inspired a man to create Wonder Woman, and the polyamorous bond between the three of them, is psychologically fascinating and just as amazing as Wonder Woman herself. It was also written and directed by a woman (@angelarinstagram) which is super awesome. Go see it if you can! We are truly living in the year of Wonder Woman (and wonder women!) and it’s a blessing! 🙅🏻❤️🎬
At the theatre about to see @marstonmovie which I’ve been excited for since I heard about it and I’m literally the only one here... 😳
Not exactly sure why there’s a bunch of rainbow prairie dogs downtown, but that’s Calgary for you! 😆
The last song from last night’s @imaginedragons concert, which was a perfect end to their set. 🎶 “You made me a, you made me a believer!” 🎶
Amazing night with friends seeing @imaginedragons. They put on such an incredible show, made even better by a surprise second stage! (Also I touched Dan Reynolds’ hand when he ran into the crowd so that was pretty cool!!) 😱🐉✨
When you’re seeing Imagine Dragons and it’s also #NationalComingOutDay!
📷: @nat.graver
This quote really resonates with me... it’s so powerful and also very true. Sometimes the greatest strength comes in the form of vulnerability. 🦋❤️#MentalHealthAwarenessDay
Also, I got this awesome Earp sisters print designed by my amazingly talented friend @dbenitez95. Proud to have helped inspire such an epic creation!! 🙌🏼💛
Surreal doesn't even begin to describe how my life feels right now. Still on cloud 9 after everything that happened yesterday!! I love this cast and show so much 💗 #WynonnaEarp
Still in shock that yesterday actually happened. It was more amazing than I could have ever imagined, especially since THE CAST CRASHED OUR MEETUP. Thank you so much to everyone who came down to The Unicorn and helped make this a truly unforgettable night!!! (And of course, a special thanks to @unicorndepot @katbarrell and @varunsaranga!) 😱🦄❤️✨ #YYCEarpers #WynonnaEarp
Spent last night hanging out with some of the Wynonna Earp cast and crew at a bar downtown. You know, just a typical Saturday night. 😜 @unicorndepot @katbarrell @varunsaranga #YYCEarpers
@katbarrell was the absolute sweetest and every bit as lovely as I imagined!! So glad I got the chance to meet her! 😻
Waiting in line is usually boring, but not when it's at a fan event for your favourite show! #YYCEarpers #WynonnaEarp
📷: @calgaryfilm
The @bleedingartindustries tour on Friday night was seriously the coolest!! Had a blast getting to see lots of creatures and special effects from #WynonnaEarp! 💥#WeCreateCool