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  Posted: May 8, 2012 4:04 AM FEED
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Support @VansWarpedTour vet Juliet Simms on The Voice tonight. Vote now - 1-855-864-2302
  • If she doesn't win, I'm going to cry. LETS MAKE HER DREAMS COME TRUE! VOTE!

  • mvrxa 5y ago

    Warning, if Juliet doesn't win, I will hunt down everyone else's voters, show up at their houses dressed up as Michael Myers and stab them with a pencil ._.

  • More people vote for this than they do for presidential elections

  • That's where I met her!! She's my love :3 I voted 46337 times. I bought all her songs. I love her.

  • I voted ;D

  • Am I the only one who doesn't like Juliet Simms? Yes? Well my opinion on her isn't changing.

  • That's lovely @londoninterror

  • Ahhhhhh yessss!!!!

  • mvrxa 5y ago

    @massacredghoul thank you . Well, I was kidding. I just really wish she'll win :)

  • @hailyssabear I agree with you. Hahah

  • @hailyssabear I don't like her either :|

  • mac92 5y ago

    @hailyssabear @heyitsmelissa718 I agree as well lol

  • @hailyssabear Pretty sure no fucks are given about your opinion right now.

  • @hailyssabear @mac92 hahaha she's so horrible I don't even know why people make a big deal out of her.

  • She already had her chance at music. Automatic love letter along with being featured with all time low.The other contestants have worked hard for this. So personally, I think any other contestant deserves to win.

  • @hailyssabear I agree! Plus she was already making it in the music biz she just needed patience and maybe an awesome manager

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 @hailyssabear yes!!! Haha the only reason why they are making a big deal is because who she is going out with, that's how people started noticing her.

  • @mac92 @hailyssabear EXACTLY!! Omfg you're right. It's so annoying.

  • I think you are all wrong juliet simms has the best voice on the show!

  • Juliet is so talented. Just like Janis Joplin, her music is rough and raw, not sugarcoated like many singers nowadays. Many contestants on the show have also been in the biz before and not quite made it. There is no reason Juliet shouldn't have as much of a chance as any of them. She is trying to become a solo act, so Automatic Loveletter obviously does not count. Just because someone's tried before does not mean they can't try again. And Andy has nothing to do with it. No one on The Voice knows who he is. She is being recognized for her incredible talent, not her band or boyfriend.

  • The others have had chances at music as well. It may not have been in the limelight though. Juliet has worked hard for this!

  • @colorinthedark that's a very good point!

  • just because she's had chances in the music industry before, that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve this! She's worked just as hard throughout the competition as every other contestant. She didn't get this far JUST because she's dating andy. She got this far because Cee Lo loved her voice, and so do the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people that vote for her every week! If you guys don't think she should win, then don't vote for her. Don't go around hating on her and saying she doesn't deserve it. She's worked her ass off her entire fucking life. She deserves this just as much as Tony, Chris, or Jermaine.

  • People are so ignorant. Really? People saying she was already making it are wrong. Shes an artist. And if she was "making it" she wouldnt need this show to prove to america she is amazing. Obviously you guys dont know even realize how hard it is to make it in the industry that is music. I am not a musician, but I love music. And i know that this industry is harder to get into than a good medical school.

  • Others on The Voice have had chances, just like Juliet. Broadway, working for Alicia Keys, been signed. It's all the same. They all deserve it. They're all talented. It basically just comes down to taste and personal opinions. Me personally? I love Juliet. I could care less who she is dating and what she did prior. She is on The Voice now. Here in the present and that's all the matters. I love her voice. So I will be voting for her. If you don't like her, cool. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Don't vote. If you like her, right on. Vote for her. It's simple.

  • What makes people think if she couldn't make it before she can make it now? I like her but I just curious...

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 exactly but of course there is going to be people that are going to say she "Actually can sing" haha. I just think she ain't great like everyone is saying she is.

  • @mac92 too much hype about her & she never does it for me.

  • tl;dr gtfo stfu

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 it sounds like she is trying too hard to sound rockerish n it isn't working out for her.

  • @mac92 exactly. It sounds like she's pushing her voice too much it's not even singing.

  • I will be devastated if she doesn't win! She DOES deserve this as much as any of the rest of them. She's worked hard for this. & her voice is unique. :)

  • @mac92 @heyitsmelissa718 have some respect for Juliet and put your demeaning comments elsewhere. This post is in support of Juliet and you two have decided to have a hateful conversation and ruin it for the people that do support her.

  • Juliet is amazing and she's come across a rare opportunity to make her dreams come true despite the fact that she had trouble before. I think she's amazingly brave for trying again,because a lot of other people would've just stayed down. She got back up and kept fighting,and she's incredibly talented. I think it doesn't matter who she's dating or where she's been in the past,Juliet made an effort to keep going because it's what she really loves doing,and that is admirable. I personally think she's got this competition in the bag c:

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 I absolutely agree! She is just winning cause of Andy and his fans cause more than half of her fans are BVB, I'm a BVB fan n I do not like her music at all.

  • @beardcore4l @mac92 mm, pretty sure we're good but thanks anyway for your concern \m/

  • Lol do you guys not realize pretty much all the finalists have music experience? Jermaine with Alicia keys, Tony knows people like Justin Timberlake who tell the world to vote for him. And you think Andy Six (who 95% of the public has no idea who he is) is giving her an advantage? Please think that over again.

  • @mac92 yes!! If she wins, I'll probably jump off a cliff.

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 right behind you!

  • Too many people take these things seriously. Just because some of us don't necessarily like her doesn't mean you have to get a stick up your butt. Don't defend her because you don't even know her on a personal level. Do you think she reads this? Highly doubt it. I'm pretty sure we all could voice our own opinions without getting crap for it.

  • @mac92 hahaha us > everyone else getting all booty tickled.

  • @colorinthedark I soooooo agree with you!!

  • mac92 5y ago

    @heyitsmelissa718 haha I know it makes me laugh cause of how offended they get and they don't even know her!

  • you should at least be respectful,because you don't know her personally either.

  • Sorry, but no....tony has my vote ....and no, justin and Britney didn't tell me to vote for him.

  • Btw I know who andy is....lots of teens and parents of teens know who he is.

  • @mac92 I know right?! Like I'm so sure she's going to read this & thank them for defending her. Haha no

  • You guys realize that this is a tv show right? Relax.

  • its just a matter of being mature,she probably won't see this,but who cares? you're still being rude about someone you don't even know. you could just say you're not a fan and that's it.

  • i watched that whore do coke in a venue bathroom haha. even if i watched the show, i wouldn't vote for her.

  • wow. ignorance rules the world once again.

  • mac92 5y ago

    @callieconner 👍haha thank you for making me laugh

  • she sounds like a dying cat. oh well oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my opinion.

  • you guys need to find something better to do... everyone is entitled to their own opinion ...clearly some people that are probably obsessed with her boyfriend and jealous of her will be talking shit. as for @callieconner a- doing coke doesn't make her a whore and b- you're probably lying anyways but that doesn't change that she's actually talented..

  • @misserikarae haha seriouslyyyy agreed

  • @callieconner were you doing it with her? Way to turn something positive into something hateful. Why don't you just shut your mouth. Thanks.

  • I haven't seen the show in weeks. Is Lindsey still on? Because I think she has the most original voice and character, but Juliet is also another original person that I wouldn't mind if she won

  • haha, i assume most of you are under the age of 21, and haven't been to a bar/club show. she used to be wild, and i partied along with her and some other people (drinking, not coke) and she blew more than one dude. so calm down, she's an adult and can make adult, slutty, drug induced decisions.

  • Oh you partied with along with Juliet? /pretends to act interested

  • @joycedivision whoa dream big. Seriously though? Calm down. It's a TV show, we were obviously being sarcastic & not literal so do us all a favor & don't get all butt hurt okay? :)

  • @callieconner lololol I'm suurrrreee you partied with her. anyways get a life ..youre how old that you're still talking shit on the Internet about famous people? wether she does coke doesn't change that she's got an amazing voice...

  • @fatimacontrol awe, don't let your jelousy get you down :) you'll get your chance some day!

  • @jessicab__ i'm 23. and i was at a show in decalb illinois with the craig owens solo tour and she was there with automatic loveletter. i can talk shit, cause i know she's a fake person haha. it shouldn't be that complicated for you to understand. and it's your opinion that she can sing. i think she can't. sorry for ruining your day by being honest :)

  • @jessicab__ I don't even think these ignorant people are worth your time. they're clearly immature and pessimistic.

  • @colorinthedark all of these people have had chances and jarmaine has been singing with Alicia keys for a long time! Tony gave up being a pop singer to go rock and the opera singer is already a pretty outstanding opera singer so they all have had chances, Juliet deserves a lot! She cares so much for her music! And all of her fans, just because she was featured with ATL doesn't mean anything, you dislike her leave it at that!

  • @callieconner awww shucks you actually thought you would matter enough to ruin my day🙆🙆🙆?cuuute. youre right everyone has their own taste, thats cool but my point is... stop talking shit and find something better to do. you should be a bit more mature than that by 23 no?

  • it's not about maturity haha. i'm stating facts, what is immature about that? according to your profile, you're 22, so calm down. i just wanted to make a funny comment from my memories of her, not argue with people haha.

  • @callieconner wtv then I guess my comment is more directed a others ... Its just Ive read a lot of shit about kids hating on her because they're fans of her bf which is completely redic.

  • 👌👏👏👏👏👏 @joycedivision

  • how is someone's opinion wrong? oh wait....... there isn't a such thing as a wrong opinion. I'm 24 years old, my hearing is near perfect according to my doctor, and I'm actually the furthest thing from jealous of Juliet. just because I don't think her voice sounds good doesn't make me wrong. there are plenty of people who feel the same way as I do. that doesn't make them wrong either.

  • Everybody's entitled to their opinion. No, your opinion isn't wrong. It just sucks.

  • Lol best comment @ksaays

  • @amberhenderson08 thanks thanks, I try to keep it short, simple and right to the point. 😊

  • @ksaays and you and everyone else saying people that don't like her voice are wrong are more ignorant and cunty than the people that are hating on her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • I think Juliet did the best on It's A Mans Mans Mans World. But I bet in ten years she's not gonna be able to sing. The way she sings now isn't good for her voice. All that gravely raspy sound she makes is bad for her vocal chords. I thinks she's pretty though.

  • You could be right.. That's your opinion - once again, it's shit.. Like yourself💩. But you, my friend are a twat - and that's not an opinion but indeed a fact. 😊✌

  • @mac92 who's her boyfriend??

  • I think Juliet did the best on It's A Mans Mans Mans World. But I bet in ten years she's not gonna be able to sing. The way she sings now isn't good for her voice. All that gravely raspy sound she makes is bad for her vocal chords. I thinks she's pretty though.

  • @smileyfaceplus7 her boyfriend is Andy Biersack. He has his own band called Black Veil Brides.

  • Really? Holy cow never knew that. I have a friend addicted to black veil brides. Huh... 😊 pretty cool. @dashbo893 thanks.

  • @callieconner learn how to spell before you "insult" me. Ha! Jealous?

  • @fatimacontrol i'm typing on my phone. i was one letter off, dickhead.

  • @callieconner Oh yeah. Cool. Calling me a dickhead 👍 I'll leave you alone if you leave ME alone

  • Just putting ads ok


  • I love how me just stating that I don't like her started this huge argument. You people obviously have nothing better to do with your lives... Nevertheless thank you@heyitsmelissa718 and @mac92 for sticking up for what you believe in. :P

  • Sorry if I forgot any of you, there's so many people and so much butthurt in these comments.

  • DO ET. VOTE!

  • Just voted go Juliet!!!!!

  • Go Juliet

  • I love you warped tour, but im team tony lucca💛💙💜💚❤

  • I voted! On my phone, and on my friend's phone!

  • woo I'm a twat! I also forgot that we haven't graduated to big kid words yet, either. must suck being 12.

  • @lainababy_ must also suck being a 24 year old "grown" woman arguing on instagram :) if only you knew how to act your age, bummer.

  • Lol @ the people who are getting mad at people who don't like her. You're just as bad you know. They're sharing their opinions just as you are. so don't get all pissy because someone doesn't agree with you.

  • Personally, I think Juliet Simms is a great singer and I loved Automatic Loveletter, but I don't think she should be on The Voice. She already had her chance.

  • @hailyssabear why wouldn't u not expect people to get mad at u I mean this is a post to support her and u just said she is bad what were u expecting

  • @frances71198 But the point is that I'm entitled to my opinion just like everyone else here is, regardless if this post is supporting her or not. People getting angry over my opinion is quite frankly very stupid, especially seeing as I didn't verbally attack anyone while stating it. All I said was that I don't like her. Simple as that. No need for everyone to get their granny panties all in a knot because I dislike someone.

  • @frances71198 And please, tell me exactly where I said she was bad. Don't put words in my mouth.

  • SHE CAmE IN 2ND >.>

  • @ksaays You are a trollin mothafucka ;) Keep up the good work!

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