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I guess one month gets you your own Instagram post. But're amazing and can't wait to go on more adventures with you. Happy one month! From your poophead 💩
I just want to see Chance the Rapper and Martin Garrix okay.... #ACLFest #ShareTheLineup
Day 1 was pretty intense! Got to meet @slushiimusic !!! Ready for day 2!!! #slushi #sowo #somethingwonderful
This was my second time attending Summit but my first time being a family leader. And what can I say? Well it was a very humbling experience to see 11 strangers bond together throughout the weekend. To my fellow Black Widow Babies, thank you for allowing me to be your fam leader. It wasn't just me who made our family so successful. It was all of you for being open and friendly. 😊 #summit2017 #family #vsa #uvsa #blackwidow #petty #weweresabotaged #utd
Good vibes with good friends. Adventures in Austin was a blast. #springbreak #irene #austin #atx #vscocam
Great job in helping run Goodphil and singing with Jessica Sanchez this weekend! Throwback to freshman year when we used to talk to each other a lot and were drumline rivals from rival schools. Let's catch up sometime okay? #goodphil17 #goodphil2017
Thank you to everyone who were able to come out to my birthday dinner! It was really nice stuffing ourselves with endless amounts of meat. But yeah, all of you and also the ones who couldn't quite make it made some sort of impact in my life so thank you from the bottom of my heart. #birthday
New year new round of adventures. Think Imma work on a video project for this year. We'll see. #djbphotography #galveston #beach #vsco #vscogood
I like how we never really see each other but when we do it's like we're picking up where we left off. I guess that's what best friends are for. Anyways good luck on your nursing exam!!
It was an honor to party with @jraquino I hope you had an awesome time at UTA Date Auction! Got him to represent UTD! #blessed
Even though I was sick this whole week, it was pretty worth it going to the Lantern Festival. #lanternfestival PC: @binniebinbin