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New things. All areas. Nothing’s off limits to them that believe. Isaiah 43:19 ❤️
Burgers for dinner ❤️ These are easy to heat, and go perfectly with lettuce wraps or buns! I chose to eat them quinoa and a bean medley tonight! 🔥 @hilaryseatwell #veganeats
The third highlight of my day. Vegan garlic knots for the ultimate W! #veganeats
Get back in the fight! The things you deserve, and that God has for you are all worth you getting back in the ring! #fightforit #revival
Happy National Coffee Day! Thank you, @megdobri for putting me on to @dandelioncafe's iced coffee with soy and one pump of agave many years ago. #GOAT #nationalcoffeeday ❤️
BLESSED ALERT: Friends, as I sit here on the floor at the gym- I can't help but think where I was two months ago. I signed up for a 30-day YogaMix membership and it was best thing I've done for my body in years. I'm so thankful for Gina (shown in photo, she now has pink hair 😂🙌🏾) - she's kind, patient, and so great at what she does.
Because of her studio, rap playlists and amazing teachers, and most importantly God's favor, I'm stronger, grateful for my current shape, and optimistic about dropping the pounds following two accidents! Join me sometime! (We have the best music, yoga, HIIT and dance classes!) ❤️ #strongerbetterfaster
Accepting all offers for spicy soup, ginger tea and prayer! Time to shake this cold off my back! BTW, this shot is so good! Be well, friends!
Sometimes the ride gets rough before it smooths out. I'm learning that the texture of my heart, my perspective, what I say, and what I do all dictate how long the smoothing process takes. #remainingonboard #newthings ❤️
Here I am celebrating one of best friends and her amazing business! Dana, you are one of God's brightest gems and so much goodness is to come for @_thedinnerpartyproject_ // thank you for your friendship and creating a place Orlandoans to connect! ❤️📸 @marciamadethis
My ❤️ is full! I had the honor of leading a workshop about overcoming adversity at a women's rights and empowerment conference today. I'm so thankful for my fam that came to support! 😭❤️🙌🏾
✨New Post Alert: Getting life back to normal after Irma = writing again! Check out my newest post on @clevergirlsknow for easy ways to help manage your busy life. 🙌🏾❤️ #writingistherapy Link in bio ✨
BTS 😂 A laugh is so needed today for me in this moment when I realized I picked the wrong shirt to wear, so I'm trying to have Jesus fix it! 😂 But, it's for a great cause! Check the link in my bio for where to eat, drink and give in Orlando to help with #harveyrelief #blessed @goodthroughfood Thanks @wesh2 @jazminmbailey ❤️
First time: Had to come for Panther cold brew! #mills50district
🎉 New Post🎉 I’m so excited to share my first post on @clevergirlsknow. It’s all about how to fall in love with Monday Mornings! Check it out today and share your thoughts! Link the bio for the full piece! ❤️
Indian flavors for breakfast: Chai latte from @foxtailcoffeeco & a Rock the Casbah oatmeal bow from @createyournature – 🙌🏾