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It’s the little things. Am I right mamas? Whether you homeschool or not, it’s little moments like this, tucked amidst the grind, that remind you it’s all worthwhile.
Your hard work.
Your mom-ing.
So worth it.
Never forget, the work you do as a mom is totally and completely, and utterly priceless. You were made for this. And you are rocking it. Despite what you think. 😉 Rocking. It. Good night rockstars. 💚
Confession time. •
I have a major struggle with self doubt. This didn't used to be the case, but recently, the struggle has become real. Like, really real.
Like, 100s of ideas sitting unrealized in the corners of my computer, tucked into crannies of my sketchbooks, and nestling in the nooks of my mind, real.
I'm working hard to let go of this burden, this fear of being not good enough, of rejection. I'm desperately attempting to let go and let God take it all wherever He might.
Because, God Vibes. "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!" Vibes.

There is literally the tiniest handful of these mugs available. But it's another tiny step in releasing my fear, my self doubt. You need to too?
All the God Vibes headed your way 💚 (Link in profile. And PS : free shipping always + forever.)
Out in my newly planted garden tonight, my heart weighs heavy in my chest. So much hurt and tragedy going on everywhere we look.
After watering the freshly laid soil, a mix of compost, dirt and manure, I spotted this little green blade forcing its way up through all the crap. Do you see it? It's tiny, but it's there amongst the rubbish. Don't miss it.
That's hope.
That's redemption.
Yes, there's horrific, unimaginable sorrow in the world around us, but I pray that you don't forget to seek out the stories of hope. The stories of redemption. Of love. The things that fight and force their way out of this mess. Cling to those. Cling to the One who provides them. Keep clinging. Keep praying. Keep loving. And watch the hope and redemption grow.
Vibes /n./ - a feeling that something or someone gives you

If a vibe is the way something makes you feel, then gimme all the God vibes: loved, cherished, beautiful, unique, special, adored, forgiven, free 🙌🏼
How many more vibes does a girl need? (Answer : none) 💚

These cups will be listed in my shop this week! There's only a small number available. So stay tuned!
I love, love when my kids make lists. Their lists are like little windows into the workings of their minds. Her's is full of "go" and "do." Much like her mama, she'd rather be on the go than tucked away at home. My boy's lists elude to their personalities too. My oldest will always have quality time items on his list (re: play a game with mom), while my youngest will have things listed that cater to his introverted nature (re: read). I'm curious, do your littles make lists? If they do, what are their lists secretly telling you about who they are?
While most of America is busting out boots and flannels and drinking steaming hot cups of PSLs, I made the executive decision to wear pants with my sandals and tank top today. It was a "chilly" 70 degrees this morning at the boy's games, and for once, I can wear pants and drink my iced coffee and not sweat profusely. So basically, yay fall! Whatever it looks like to you 😏 #fallinthedesert #desertprobs #desertliving
Now that we have a bit of land, I figured we should plant a garden. I know basically nothing about gardening. Minus what I just looked up today. So I'm just going to wing it for the most part 🙌🏼 which every single gardening article I read said would work best (That's a lie. They all said make a plan. Well to that I say, plans are for people who don't like surprises. #amirightoramiright) Anywaaaaaaay, I DID find some cool articles about companion planting. Apparently some veggies like certain veggies in their beds better than others (#whycantweallgetalong 😂), but seriously, that's semi-fascinating. Are any of you gardeners? What are your tips for a novice like me? I'm all ears! Unless you tell me to make a plan that is...
A few random musings...
1. Seriously. What is that face? I should be banned from selfies. #awkward
2. My fav coffee shop put in a drive thru (choirs of angels sing!) I'm pretty sure they did that for me. I'm also pretty sure I just heard my wallet (or was that you lover?) crying...
3. I drink a LOT of coffee. So I've gotten in the habit of drinking one of these big glasses of water for every cup of coffee I drink. Because. Balance.
4. Off to school the circus!
#random #coffee #circus
Most days I can barely keep up with him. His mind is a flurry of thoughts that zip around, shifting gears faster than the cars at the Indie 500 (for realzzz). Often, I struggle to rein him in and keep him focused, but his enthusiasm for life and excitement to learn new things fully outweighs the exhausted way I feel at the end of each day.
And then, (less often than I'd like), there's moments like this. On the trampoline, in the shade of the pecan tree, he sits. Reading the dictionary (of all things), and I take a breath.
Being his mama is quite a ride. And one I wouldn't trade for the world.
Tonight, yard turned dad's barber shop, tossing the football, playing fetch. Our life in motion. They may not like haircuts in the yard right now, but these are the simple moments a lifetime of memories are made of. 😍
"Hello Lovely!" said God. "Let's take on today...together!" And they did. • • • • • • • Happy Saturday friends! What are you tackling today? #withGod
That moment when you realize your 10 year old is more like you than you initially thought....
"Mom. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but...this cover though. Isn't it neat?" Um, yes son. You literally read my mind. 😍 #twinning #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #bookart #art #artist
This morning I just sat with God. Him and I. We watched the sun rise. We listened to the rooster obsessively crowing his head off in the neighbors yard. We talked about the things going on in the world and in my personal al life. We sat. I listened.
Sometimes, I think prayer can feel like it needs to be this holier than holy experience; when in reality, God just wants a relationship with us. Just wants to be with us. He made us to love us.
Coincidently (hey God!), my devo said this, "My peace is a continual gift to you. The best way to receive it is to sit quietly and receive it." Basically? Hang out with me. Trust me. And I'll throw around My peace like confetti 🎉
God's in charge y'all. And He loves you very much 💚 •
And if you made it this far, yay! Because 2 more things: socks with sandals 🙌🏼 and excited the weather is getting nice enough to start using this hashtag again 👉🏼
Between homeschool and sports, creative endeavors and home renovations, and just life in general, I've been finding it so hard to be intentional. It was so much easier when I had less kids and what felt like more time to slow down and just enjoy. Because of this I really feel like my girls have been short changed in the "quality time with mom" department. So today, intentionally being more intentional...even if it means lunchables at the park...when it's over 100. #qualitytime #beintentional #qualityoverquantity #intentional
Happy Labor Day friends! I always thought it should be called Labor-LESS Day...since that's more of the purpose it serves, but whatevs 😏 What have y'all been doing this long weekend? We've been getting projects done around the house and hanging with friends! Maybe not exactly labor-less, but enjoyable just the same. There's something satisfying about tying up loose projects. Whatever you're up to enjoy the day!
My entire shop is 15% off (no code needed). So if you've been eyeing something, now's the time to snag it! And remember, free shipping, always + forever 💚
About the time I think the world is going to fall apart under all the hate...a new shipment of Just Love vintage key tags arrive on my doorstep, and I'm reminded who we are and what we are called to. Friends. We are called to love. Each and every one of us called to love each and every one.
How much better would the world be if we would simply "just love" each other?
(Key tags on SALE in the LAYLI shop. Link in profile.)
Sent the littlest member of the circus to her first day of preschool this morning...*sigh*...
Good thing she was super excited! 😍
If anyone needs me (or if I go missing), I'm quite possibly buried beneath a pile of homeschool curriculum.
Or better yet, if anyone would like to come finish planning our year (which is "supposed" to start Monday 😳) that would be swell.
If not, send coffee.
And maybe a back hoe. 🙄😳😅 #homeschool #notforthefaintofheart
Starting off birthday celebrations right! #innoutburger for the world's newest 6 year old! Happy birthday Charley girl! 🎉