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  Posted: May 8, 2012 1:45 AM FEED
2 Brannan
Dan Schenider and Kendo. Still can do that foundations First Monday

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We have to accept who we are True Kings all this violence we inherited from a whole different culture. Start embracing who you truly are. I will start with myself anybody want to join me...
Guess who’s coming back to your radio air waves tonight. Yep it the 3D’S Deep Dark & Delicious tonight exclusively on live streaming and chat room in full effect. Many issues to talk about and if you were wondering where the hell I’ve been tune in to get an exclusive... 8pm-10pm Les Love and TJ Swain hosts the show.... So tell a friend to tell a friend live and direct it’s the 3D’S back on air.... #harlemlanesradio #deepdarkanddeliciousreturns
I want to wish my brother from another Dennis Albert aka Cash a Happy Birthday and Bro we love you from the Moon and back. Look forward to future good times. God bless you always.... #brothersforlife #DTC General #
Posted: Oct 10, 2017 10:32 PM
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It’s the Prince Birthday once again I must say Blessings son for all you do for family, friends and those in need. We may not have gotten your Gift of choice but believe I’m going to work hard to see you get what you deserve . Love you King Grogl... #anythingyouthinkcanhappen #groglapparel
Where I want to be today.. Come one Friday...
Explicit Language so I apologize in advance but y’all know how family is lol.. but we had a ball...#ac_lounge
This is what we think of my boy Get Right whose Birthday is tomorrow. He has a heart of a Bentley and shares his love like a Rolls Royce but overall he loves our family. So we say Happy Birthday early. #meriaspopshop #Groglmeathletics #groglapparel #powerofpurpose #godis #aspirationscafe #anythingyouthinkcanhappen
A good sister posted this today I agree but I have reservations about who calls themselves a solider... So for men and women too make it work communication is key otherwise its chaos. So ladies if you agree or disagree please explain so us males can understand and not assume...Have a joyous weekend and let’s talk more often..# learningeverydayandmakibgchanges
Those words Nick those Wprds... Tonight they are so real never Fake....#anythingyouthinkcanhappen
2014 White Cam-Am 3k mi Fully Automatic 9K if bought from owner Groglme but if bought from me 9.5k so let get it soon..DM Groglme or DM me either way it’s a steal. All paperwork legit...No bargaining pls...#groglme
Had a great soul food dinner at Aspirations Cafe in New Rochelle NY 4 Franklin Ave. My dude Max ac_lounge is doing his thing and I ask you near and far to support him as me and my family will and we have a event planned at his establishment real soon. Stay tuned...#aspirationscafe
Man this was a vacation to remember. Reminiscing about tomorrow. Family is everything for me. God thank you for blessing us with the song of Love. Disney Family Vacation #2 one more then it will be complete. #anythingyouthinkcanhappen
Big fellas we not losing. Society wants us to believe we losing. So understand we are@loved too... #Bigfellaswantlovetoo
Thank you 360 Media team these was outtakes from a 3rd Annual We All Win Basketball Academy. Our promo reel looks fantastic and the Coaches again I could make this magic happen with you guys.. Love is Love #360media #tpff #groglmeathletics💪🏾🏀💯 #showtimebasketball #weallwinbasketballacademy #anythingyouthinkcanhappen #meriascateringco #baybeelounge
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 12:26 PM
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Reminiscing on a great day. August 27th 2017 Our 3rd We All Win Basketball Academy. Great Coaches great volunteers and great participants. Thank you news12 for the coverage...#news12thebronx #weallwinbasketballacademy2017 #anythingyouthinkcanhappeninc
Motivation this morning. A RollsRoyce Ghost in the hood... That's motivation for me any day...#anythingyouthinkcanhappeninc
Squalor Ophan Hip Hop mentor with his boys at the UOTS Booth at the 2017 Ferrogusto Festival on 187st & Arthur Ave (Little Italy). Ice Cold Lemonade and sweets please support the University of the Streets YES Program... #universityofthestreet
Friends as young men my friend for Life Ecue aka Felix. Owns nice restaurant at 2363 Arthur Ave. Support dude he's a great guy.. Tell him Kendo sent you.#ferrogustofestival2017 #universityofthestreets
It all boils down to the family and the Albert / Aytch family has become one.. Happy Birthday again Yvette Albert the Bowling Party was everything... More too come stay tuned... #familyovereverything #AlbertfamilyandAytchfamilyonemoretime...